Tuesday, February 19, 2013

McCollom Cousins

Lindsey and I took the kids to the Great Mall this weekend for a little Valentines Day party. We were there several hours and the kids had a blast. We had them exchange gifts, ate lunch, and played with each other.

There are several free kid-centered climbing areas all over the mall. There really aren't that many stores to shop at, but there is ton of cheap or free fun things for kids to do.

There is a little arcade at the mall with rides.

We had pizza and cookies.

There is a Hurricane Simulation machine. The kids had soooo much fun in it!


 Gus is playing another season of basketball. Although he still has much to learn (obviously), he is doing much better at 4 years old than he did last year at 3 years old. Just the experience of learning the basic rules of interacting with others on a team is helpful I think, even if making a basket never happens this season :) He is has one more game left. We signed him up for the season when we had a family Y membership, so we are thinking of using another league for Tball this spring/summer. I think I am going to enroll Hazel in gymnastics when she is three years old this spring.
The hardest part of going to the games is keeping the other two kids entertained on the sidelines.


Hazel and her buddy Drew, coach Wes's youngest son. His oldest, Will is on the team with Gus.

Around the House

The norm around here is Hazel with several babies.


Hungry Boy. With those eight teeth, Wally can eat about everything now. He has adjusted well to the transition from formula to milk too. Hard to believe he is one year old.

Hazel loves helping Wally eat. Take a bath. Play with toys. Get dressed. Change his diaper. She basically loves helping with everything 'baby.'

Hazel has such a funny laugh! She also has the most blue eyes. They are just so incredibly blue. When she laughs my heart completely melts.

Funny man.

Last weekend we had a birthday party. For no one in particular, in fact we sang the Happy Birthday song for about every person we could think of (lighting, blowing out, and relighting the candles several times). I let the kids decorate their own cakes. They had a lot of fun.

I found these last two pics on the camera. Gus is going to be a photographer one day. I never know what I am going to find pictures of when I empty out the memory card...

Bathtime Buddies

Three Little Monkeys