Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready for Halloween

We went to a Halloween party on Sunday with the kids.

Jett was a bumble bee. Jett was born about 6 weeks before Hazel. His parents are Arica and Pat, they also blog.

Gus was a cowboy.

Our little kitty.

Gus and Brody at the cookie decorating station.

The hosts of the party, Wes and Bree (Josh works with Wes) had a baby boy 9 days after Hazel was born. Here is Drew.

Hazel has had a rough couple of days. On Friday she had her 6 month check up where we discovered she had strep throat- her temperature was almost 103 degrees! Poor little girl. Her stats were all taken, although her immunizations were pushed back until her next checkup. She weighed in at just over 18 1/2 lbs, in the 90%. She was in the 50% for height, and 80% for head circumference. She has been cranky all weekend, and today when I picked her up from daycare she was impossible. She got herself so worked up and exhausted that she fell asleep mid meal tonight. Luckily brothers' fleece jacket was close and could be used as a cushion.

Tonight we carved a "mean guy" pumpkin with Gus.

Haz woke up for the festivities.

Such a trooper, she even smiled once in awhile between cries. As long as she has mommy or daddy's full and undivided attention, she is in an okay mood.

The spooky jack-0-lantern. We might do a happy one with him tomorrow night.

Gus trying to make Hazel laugh before their bath tonight.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Giggle Giggle!

Hazel is such a giggle monster lately!

Update on today's appointments:

Gus went back to the eye doctor this afternoon. Over the last two weeks we have noticed him twitching one of his eyes repeatedly, his right eye. Some days we hardly notice it, others, like today, he does it constantly. The eye doctor assured us that at this point, he is awfully young for Turrets Syndrome, and she wants to start treatment of it by adjusting his prescription. I wasn't at the appointment, but she told Josh that his blinking is probably related to his vision, and not him acquiring a tick. Gus will now have to wear bifocals, with farsighted prescriptions on both top and bottom. The bottom will be stronger than his current prescription (which will be on the top of the lens) in hopes of continued correction of his still crossing eye and any strain it is causing his other (blinking) eye. She did not say that he needs surgery, but did say that that could be an option at some point. This was the first time she brought up surgery, which wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing- sometimes more aggressive treatment is best. He gets his new lenses on Friday, although they are very very expensive, we can at least still use the same frames. He did have to have his eyes dilated again, and he goes back in twelve weeks for a follow up. Luckily, that will be in January, when we will finally be able to pick up eye insurance. Then, as his prescription needs adjusted and new lenses or frames need purchased, we can at least have some insurance. Gus's eyes might just be something we really have to watch over the next few years, or his childhood, or his whole life. It's hard to say. We can only take it a day at a time. He can see, so we are thankful for that.

I did finally go to the doctor today for the headaches I've been having over the last six months. They are apparently migraines. I'm going to try a daily medicine, as well as one I take at the onset of the headache, and I go back in three weeks for a follow up. If the medicine doesn't help, she said an MRI is the next step, but I have met my deductible this year when I had Hazel, so it wouldn't be a bad time to get that done I guess. Hopefully the medicine works and that is that. Mainly, she thinks I need more sleep, less stress, etc. Well how is that supposed to happen with my schedule and two little ones?

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Such a pretty girl.

Looking like he is trying to get away with something..

Super smiley!

Elton John? Nope, just Hazel- lounging in Andi's room during our visit to the Spratt house in St. Louis this weekend.

Kacy helping take care or Hazel Sunday morning.

A very silly Andi.

Why is it that Gus always gravitates toward the girl toys? I wonder if he will like them as much when Haz starts to become interested in them?

In St. Louis we went to a pumpkin patch/fall fun farm for kids.

Gus was a little bit afraid of the haystack mazes.

Hazel was in a great mood while we were there!

Kacy picking out pumpkins.

Cinderella's carriage turned into a pumpkin.

Gus picking out pumpkins.

Finally! It only took 6 months but we finally got a few decent family pictures!

Aunt Trish and Hazel.

The maze flashlights quickly became microphones.

Gus helping to label the pumpkins when we got home tonight.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recent Videos

Fall Fun


"This pumpkin is so big!"

"How come Hazel gets the big one? No fair."

"I'm just gonna take the big one from Hazel, okay mommy?"

I love this picture! I have a picture of Gus that I need to go back and find where he making this same face. Adorable.

Playing together.

As you can see, Gus still has a bit of a tilted eye, but we're working on it. We've noticed over the last week or so that he keeps repeatedly squinting his eye (his good eye now of course) almost like he has a nervous tick or something. He goes back to his eye doctor on Monday so she can check it out. Hopefully his prescription is changing and it is just strain from that. Who knows. The poor kid has had so many eye problems lately that I just hate for him to have to deal with this too.

Hazel just HATES belly time. Hates it.

Hazel's first attempt at crackers.

"You're getting veeery sleeeeepy..."

So smiley.