Thursday, March 28, 2013

My 'New" Backsplash Project

My Spring Break project

1. Degrease glossy white backsplash
2. Tape
3. Stain glossy white tile
4. Spray colored texture paint in a pattern
5. Paint faux grout lines
6. Easy, affordable fix to my kitchen blacksplash

Hanging Around the House

My Hazel.

If this picture scares you, the other day I turned around from the countertop in the kitchen only to find Walter standing on top of his high chair- ON the TRAY of the TOP of his high chair! Both feet on the tray, a  huge smile on his face. I swear, either he is half monkey, or I have just given up on the third one... :) We discovered this week that Walter also knows how to slide off our king size bed to the carpet gracefully, without falling. He is a very brave 13 month old.

Little Gus and Big Gus made an appearance over spring break.

My boys.

Birthday Fun

Parker's 4th Birthday was a TMNT theme this past weekend. Here are the cupcakes I came up with.

And a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme would not be complete without pizza, the favorite food of the turtles. This pizza was actually all cake, candy and frosting.

The cupcakes were red velvet, and Wally loved them. Here he is the afternoon I was baking, sampling.

The night of Parker's party, Kate surprised me with a night on the Plaza. Kate, Lindsey and I stayed on the Plaza, shopped, ate amazing food, drank wine, visited a pub... It was a really fun night. I don't think I have every been surprised as much as I was on Saturday. Thank you Kate!

Friday, March 15, 2013

St Louis

Hopefully I'll get a few more pics from Trish, but in addition to getting to see Andi play some Bball, we went to the zoo and had a sitter watch the kids so us adults could have some drinks and supper. A very nice trip to St. Louis last weekend. Now off to CL this weekend- lots of traveling...

Walter loved his chicken strips on the drive back to KC Sunday afternoon... He is getting so old!

College Basketball Experience (CBE)

Josh had a work event at the CBE at the Power and Light District so we took Hazel and Gus. They were maybe a little young, but still had a nice time overall.

We got HOW much snow?!?!?!

Over a one week period recently, two snow storms with over a foot of snow each, caused us to have four snow days from school. Hard to believe it will be a sunny 78 degrees here today!!!!!, just a few weeks later. Needless to say, the snow has completely melted.

Snow Day project.

One stir crazy night we took the kids to Red Robin for supper and The Great Mall to run around. They decided to get decked out in the Hawkeye gear.