Friday, December 14, 2012

Dreams Realized

Okay, "dreams" might by a little strong of a word, but I have always wanted to align a stairway in my home with family pictures from the present and previous years. My entire life I have wanted to do this, and finally, I have a home where I can.

Gus loves to play with Wally and make him laugh! Deep belly, gut laugh. It is hilarious!

Gus says he wants to be a firefighter or a police officer, but maybe he should be a hair stylist... What do you think?

Hazel and Walter LOVE bath time!

Gus is more into taking showers these days. But we make him take baths still every other day so that he gets good and clean.

I took about 15 pictures of the kiddos in the tub last night and this was the best one I could come up with. It is impossible to get all three of them to look at the camera and smile at the same time.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Feeding My Face

Love me some pizza.

Love me some Styrofoam.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Year of Change

You have probably noticed that my blog postings have been less and less regular over the last year. Most of you reading this probably understand why, but the fact that I haven't had time to blog as often I like has made me very sad. In fact one of my three goals for 2013 is to blog more often, along with living a healthier life and saving more money.

Since my blogging has decreased a little, I did add a notifications box in the column to your right, so if you would like to automatically be notified of when I update, that will help you find out quickly when I have (finally) posted. Rest assured, I never plan to stop blogging (I am sure you have been on the edge of your seat wondering), it is my new 'scrapbook' if you will. I can't just 'stop'- I have been doing this for almost 5 years now. So please, never stop checking in on us.

Back to my dwindling number of posts, I do have a pretty good reason for my lack of diligence, actually, I have several good reasons, and I wanted to talk about those a little.

I know, I know... Usually my blog is more of a collage of (adorable) photographs of my kids accompanied by (clever) captions. But in this post I wanted to take a moment to talk about our family, rather than show you pictures of it. Although I have trouble putting everything into words and even thinking about a place to start, I will try.

What a year we have had.

In the last 18 months, our family life has been a whirlwind, and although I somehow remember all of it, it has gone by so fast and kept us all on our toes so much that it feels like we are struggling to keep ahead of the calendar some days. Over the last 18 months we have sold a house, found out we were pregnant with a surprise third baby (when Hazel was barely 1 and Gus was still 2 at the time), moved into a rental, had a baby, bought a home, moved out of the rental, moved into the home, I started a new job, the older kids started attending a preschool for the first time ever, and most recently, Josh started a new job. So, other than planning a wedding, our little family has recently encountered most of the major milestones a person experiences in his or her entire life. And we did it in one and half years.

Those of you who know me well know that I have anxiety issues; about everything related to change stresses me out. So this has all been quite interesting... I know that the support of Josh, a little pharmaceutical assistance, and a lot of Faith in God has been what has gotten me through all of this. I know that there are people, and families, so many that we know even, that struggle with more than what we have had to struggle with. And their struggles are much more trying. Death, illness, divorce, financial loss, many of our friends and extended family have dealt with these devastating issues over the last few years, some on a daily basis. In fact, many of you reading this are probably the people I have in mind. So I know that although it was stressful over the last year or so for me and my family, I do feel guilt in even talking about it with some of you.

I am hopeful that the Year of Change is ending with the close of 2012. I am hopeful that 2013 will be one of those years that you think back upon several years later and can't really remember much of anything about it- if that makes sense. I am just ready for my new life to begin, become predictable and stay consistent for awhile. Josh and I have a home, great friends, wonderful extended family, good jobs, and three of the most healthy and amazing children I could have ever imagined. But, as they say, history often does repeat itself, so I can't completely put the unexpected out of my mind.

I want to thank all of you for the support, prayers, comfort, laughs, tears, and most importantly the Hope that you have given me, us. You are all important to our life, and we consider you all extended members of our family. Happy Holidays- Here's to 2013. Cheers!

Monday, December 3, 2012


Buddies. Arielle and Hazel.

Wally and his Godmother. Kate, Mike & Arielle came to visit this weekend. It was nice to have guests and the kids got along great.

Gus, Arielle & Hazey enjoying some near 70 degree weather during their visit to KC.

Tis the Season... Almost

Hazel litterally thought the Christmas stockings were stockings. We looked over and she was taking off her shoes and putting them on her feet!



Finally, a fireplace for Santa!

Ten Months Old!

Can't get enough pacifiers.

Trying to learn to walk sure wears me out.

Whoever said baby dolls aren't realistic didn't know Wally!

Thankful For My Cousins

Wally & Brea at Gma and Papa Ds for Thanksgiving

Kacy, Josilin & Hazel

Josi & Wally
Kacy & Walter

Parker & Gus on "Pirate Island" with gma and papa Mc

Papa Mc made awesome pirate hats!

Gangsta Pirate

Thanksgiving at Gma Sue's

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stationery card

Monogram Of Snowflakes Holiday Card
View this season's most popular holiday card designs here.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

National Read to Preschoolers Week

This week Hazel and Gus's school took part in the National Read to Preschoolers Week program. Over 100 people from KCKCC campus and the community came in and read various books to the kids each day this week. Gus has been talking nonstop about all of the different things he learned in the stories. Here is the KCKCC softball team with the kids.

Gus was a hit with these ladies.

This is the only pic of Hazel (other than the first one) that has been floating around campus.

Even the sheriff of a local town came and talked to the kids. He read a book about what to do if you get lost at a store. Gus told me all about it. Really a wonderful topic for the kids to learn about.

We try very hard to read at least one book to our kids each day. It doesn't always happen, and I don't always want to, but it is a wonderful way for kids to begin to appreciate learning and grow their imaginations. Make it your personal goal to read to a child this holiday season- you own, a niece or nephew, a grandchild.... And if you are short on gift ideas, books are gifts that last a lifetime.

This week has been busy at the preschool center. Yesterday Josh and I had lunch with the kids for Thanksgiving, and later today we have their teacher conferences. This is our first parent/teacher conference so I am excited to see how that goes!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Kitchen Drums

A new game to play while mommy is making supper is "Let's take all the pots and pans out of the cupboard and bang on them with spoons!". Even Wally has started to join in on the headache fun.

All Laughs

Friday, November 9, 2012

9 Months Old

Wally is officially 9 months old. Here he is at his first professional sporting event, a Sporting KC Soccer game. I missed his 9 month appointment, but Josh took him while I was teaching. His stats were 88% for weight (22 1/2 lbs), 50% for hieght (28 in) and his head circumference was 75-90% (18 1/4 in). He is such a good baby.

His summary:
  • He can say mamamama and dadadada and ball.
  • He can shake his head no and nod his head yes and he opens his mouth for more food.
  • He loves to cover up his own face, have you say Peek A Boo, and then repeat the whole process about 20 times in a row.
  • He loves to eat all kids of food, especially toast, yogurt, goldfish, and pizza. Oh and of course he still loves his bottles of formula.
  • He has 7 teeth officially showing! He is teething constantly so I feel bad for the little guy.
  • He has some hair! Just a little, but it is brown like his eyes.
  • He can easily go from standing to sitting, and vice versa.
  • He is crawling everywhere and can cruise along furniture. He can balance while standing alone but takes no steps yet.
  • He loves laughing and playing with toys. Bath times is one of his favorites.
  • He loves when Gus and Hazel give him attention.
  • He sleeps through the night, and likes to sleep in in the morning.
  • He has the happiest personality and is such a laid back dude. Such an easy baby.
  • He is starting to go through separation anxiety if we leave him in a room, but that is expected for this age.
Sure love our little Wally!

Las Vegas

Last month I went to Vegas with Kate and Steph Dingel. It was nice to get away.

The Flu is No Fun

Here is Wally. Surprisingly happy, smiling, and unknowing that later on during this day, he would start to get the flu. This is Wally with his Nanny Ty, on Halloween. She dressed up like an Angel. He was a monkey, but didn't wear his costume during the day.

Hazel was a lion and Gus was an Alligator. We all had the flu last week- ALL of us- so we missed out on many of the Halloween festivities at work and school. It was a horrible week. We did go to a party at the Y the weekend before (above) so that was good. Hopefully I will be getting pics of that day soon, still waiting for them to be sent to me.

The day before Hazel got sick, I was sick. Here she is trying to make me feel better by painting my nails.

"I know I'm sick but can I please go play outside?!"

Some tackling, er, cuddling. Brotherly love. Oh and I don't have a great place to post this, but Hazel is potty trained and has been for a few weeks. She fought me hard on it for a week or so, but once she realized I wasn't giving in, she stopped fighting it. She isn't even wearing pull ups most nights. So at 2 1/2, we got her trained (which is good cause 2 in diapers was driving be bananas!). I do have to say that the stomach flu was not fun with a newly potty trained little lady... yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Family baths. Probably the reason why the kids all got sick...