Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tiblow Days

This week I decided to go through Hazel's clothes for the fall to see what we needed to buy (which is practically nothing by the way! Thanks to all the cousins for letting her borrow so much of your old stuff.). I found this top, which is size 6-9 months. My mom bought this top for Gus when she thought that he was going to be a girl- so needless to say, he never wore it. She got Kennedy the same one. Thank goodness I pulled it out cause she is almost too big for it already! Notice it is nearly a belly shirt on her! But if anyone can pull it off, Hazel can :)

That darn quacker from Branson! Man I wish he would just forget about that thing!

Stretching out on the floor one evening after daycare.

On Saturday we took Gus to Bonner Springs Tiblow Days parade and carnival. He loved it!

Pat and Arica met us at the parade with their boys. This is Jett. He is about 6 weeks older than Hazel. Although he is not smiling in this picture, the kid smiled about 90% of the time we were around him. And not just a smile- but a huuuge, gummy grin. He is soooo adorable.

Brody was such a good help with Gus. When Gus was a little too young for the Pirate Fun House, Brody quickly stepped it up and helped Gus through it, as it was made for kids and there was no way any of us adults could have fit in there!

The boys fishing for their big blow up bats- the one thing Gus wanted more than anything while we were there. After me, Hazel, daddy and Buster being hit by it about 100 times over the last two days I finally gave Gus an ultimatum. Guess what? As of about 60 minutes ago, it no longer has any air.

Gus LOVED his peaches last night at supper. He could not get over how huge the chunks were.

So excited!

Awww, my cuties.

Hazel tonight. Sporting the Chiefs gear.

My little lady sure loves to laugh!

We went to church this morning and Gus did alright. Hazel was of course great, as usual. Tomorrow night we have a meeting with Donna from Parents as Teachers. The next two weekends we travel back to Iowa, so we will be busy I am sure. Classes are going well for me at all three schools, and Josh is starting to get busy again at work. Fall is here :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rice Cereal!

Gus and Hazel are starting to interact more and more. He will hand her toys that he is playing with, talk to her while he plays, etc. She smiles at him and watches him move around the room. I am excited to watch them become more and more interactive with each other as they both get older.

Showing off his Toy Story dinasour sticker from his eye doctor visit.

Friday, on Hazel's 4 month birthday and after the okay from her doctor, we started rice cereal. She wasn't sure about it. She kept pushing most of it out of her mouth with her tongue, so I will try again next week, when maybe more will get in her mouth than out.

"Just give me my baba mommy!"

And then Saturday- happy again! I think this is my favorite picture I've taken of her so far. Gosh she is a cutie; that huuuuge smile gets me every time.

At her appointment Hazel weighed 15 lbs 7 oz (80%), was 24.5 in tall (52%), and her head was 16 3/4 in (90%). She is growing nicely. She has reached all of her milestones other than rolling over- which I don't think Gus ever did either for awhile (my babies are just too chubby I guess!). I went back on here to see how big Gus was at his 4 month appointment and he was almost two pounds heavier and two inches taller than Hazel! He really was huge!

Daddy kept making her laugh.

Gus got a little jealous so I had to take a picture of daddy trying to make him laugh too.

"My daddy sure is funny!"

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Opthamologist Update

So.... this afternoon went AWESOME! I have to teach in few minutes, but just couldn't wait until later tonight to post. Gus was amazing today at his appointment. Dr. Grin says his eyes look so much better. As long as be continues to wear his glasses, no more patching at this point! And no surgery at this point either! She said it is normal for his eyes to cross when he doesn't wear the glasses. As long as they don't cross WHEN he wears them, things are progressing. He goes back in January for a full optical exam (dilation again) to check his prescription (kids eyes change really fast apparently) and to double check the progress on his strabismus. He was able to do the vision test to some degree (Dr. was pretty impressed with a 27 month's old having the ability to do the vision test at all!) and from what she can tell, Gus is seeing the same out of both eyes- GREAT news! That means no vision loss concerns right now. Our avid, persistent eye patching all summer has paid off. WE ARE SO VERY BLESSED! Gus was so cute during his vision test. Instead of letters, kids, obviously, look at different sizes of pictures. He was adorable- he'd say "Biiiiig cake" or "Widdle cake," and "Biiiiig Hehe (horse)," or "Widdle Hehe." His little voice was so cute and he was able to name the pictures when the doc asked. We are oh so very proud of our little guy. As far as how long he has to wear glasses, it could be for a few more years, or for the rest of his life. It's way to early to tell at this point, but who cares. Josh and I both wear glasses. As long as his eyes don't cross we are thrilled. Oh- did I mention how blessed we are?

Busy Day

Well between the "Oh Maaaan's," and the "No waaaay's," from Gus this morning, the kids are finally at daycare. I start teaching tonight, and I've gotta get going on lecture notes and organizing for this semester here soon, but wanted to shoot a quick update... Gus goes back to the opthamologist this afternoon, hopefully we'll have some more answers about his eyes. Josh and I are both going to the appointment. I'll update you later tonight with pictures of the kiddos and what we found out today. On a happy note, Kennedy started Kindergarten this morning! I just talked to Lindsey and she did great (Kennedy- not Lindsey!). I can't wait to hear about her first day. Well, gotta go, wish us luck this afternoon- I really have to idea what to expect.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Family Vacation

Beth and Paulette at the Royals v Yankees game Thursday night. They are in town this weekend to enjoy a few baseball games and do some shopping. We went with them to last nights game.

Gus trying to entertain himself on our way home from Branson Thursday morning.

Wrestling on the cabin floor. You would think that Gus is the elder cousin, the way he picks on Kennedy!

And adorable little Parker loves trying to play with the big kids too.

Hazel riding a saddle at Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum in Branson.

Yet another failed family photo. Are we ever going to get a good one?

Notice the two-headed calf in the background.

Brave little Gus drove the Duck on our land and water tour of Branson.

Josh and I took Gus and Kennedy on the tour. They loved the annoying "Quackers." And yes, they are really annoying. And loud.

Hazel smiling when she hit the air conditioner after a few hours of being outside in 99 degree weather. It was waaaay too hot for her. The rest of the excursions, such as White Water Park, she stayed back at the cabin.

Gus loved the rock candy at Silver Dollar City.

And the 'Tooties" as he calls the salt water taffy.

Gus was 35 3/4 inches, so he wasn't supposed to ride rides alone (only at 36 inches was that allowed). But we had him stand up tall and he was able to sneak on to one :)

The rest either mommy or daddy had to ride on with him.

Hazel was just H O T hot. She worried me a little, even though we only had her out in the hot weather a few hours late in the day one of the days, it was still too much for her.

Brandon babysitting all four kiddos.

Do you think Gus is in need of a haircut?

Kennedy and Gma Sue riding the train at Silver Dollar City.

Papa and Gus walked along the swinging bridge.

Kennedy asked if she could trade Parker for Hazel. Think she wants a baby sister?

Recent Fun

Beautiful Hazel, enjoying a morning outside last week, before the upper 90s/lower 100s hit.

Gus swam while Hazel and I watched.

Do you think he can fit anymore toys in the pool?

Hazel has started to be able to play with toys lately. She actually engages. I can't believe how fast time flies. She goes back to the doctor this week for her 4 month check up. Additionally, Gus goes back to the eye doctor this week for an eye check up. We will find out how and if the patch is working, if he needs surgery to correct his eye tilt, etc. He definitely still has the tilt, and the other one is starting to occasionally tilt as well, so we really don't know what the opthamologist is going to suggest. Fingers crossed he doesn't need surgery.

Last week, before our Branson vacation, we had some fun at home. Things will start to get real busy real soon here in the Dillavou house with me back to work, the kids starting full time daycare, Josh starting Saturday games again this fall... It was nice to take a week and have fun with the kids (although we were potty training around the clock so I wouldn't say it was relaxing). Potty training, by the way, is going much better. We hardly have accidents anymore, and Gus tells us when he has to go now. It was an overnight thing really, one day potty training was going horribly and the next it was going great. He finally just 'got' it. He gets really tired of us asking him constantly if he has to go, but until I completely trust his judgement on the whole thing, he is just going to have to deal with it.