Monday, December 30, 2013

Our Little Christmas

Hazel helped Walter open up his Noah's Ark.

Gus explaining to Hazel that he read this book in school.

Comparing gifts.

Loving Merida's (Brave) bow and arrow set.

Gus actually said he didn't mind getting clothes! 

Hazel and her Peyton Manning jersey. The salesperson at Dick's, Josh, and I were all skeptical about this purchase, but the girl has so many jerseys, it was time for a new color. She sleeps in jerseys, layers them, begs to wear them every time I dress her... She is a very well-rounded little lady. Princess Sofia dress one day, Manning and the Broncos the next.

Josh supporting his Chiefs.

Walter got an adorable motorized 4-wheeler. He looks so cute driving it!

Dillavou Family Christmas 2013

Daddy helping Walter open presents.

Wally knew aunt Trish would open up his new boxes!

 A silly dance party after the gifts had Walter rolling on the floor!

Ty, Cade and Miss Hazel

Annual game of musical chairs. And the winner was... Gus!!!!

Walter wasn't really in the game, but don't tell him that! He had fun marching around with the kids.

And then a game of blindfolded snowman drawing...

Cade did a good job!

Even Walter took a turn. So adorable! We let him take off the blindfold. Thanks for your help cousin Brea!

First attempt at a picture of the Dillavou Dozen.

The best picture we were able to get of the Dillavou Dozen.

Prince of Peace Christmas Program

We were surprised to see Gus in full shepherd costume.

Hazel participated by giving baby Jesus a gift. Her class also sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Walter enjoyed eating his candy cane during the program. He was a little burnt out from coming directly from church.

It was such a cute program! We sure do appreciate having the opportunity to have the kids learn about our faith during Mass. When we attended Christmas Day Mass, Hazel and Gus didn't have class and they were a handful :)

The Brougham Panthers Kindergarten Basketball Team

Assistant coach Hazel helping out.

Getting a little better at dribbling.