Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Spratts Came to Visit!

Last night at bathtime daddy thought it would be funny to make Gus look like Abraham Lincoln with a bubble beard. I think he more resembles Santa Claus, with the 'belly like a bowl full of jelly!' Gus seems to really enjoy his baths. He just sits there and smiles. He has recently started kicking his feet a little too.

He always does this side smile thing. It is sooo cute. Not sure where he gets it, but it is adorable.

A friend from daddy's work had her mom knit this for Gus, and boy is it cute! She knew how much daddy likes sweater vests, so she had one made even before we revealed the sex of our baby, hence the blue and pint speckles. Too bad Gus is so chubby, it barely fits him anymore.

The Spratts came to visit us yesterday. They were in KC wrapping up some last loose ends and stopped by for a few hours. We had fun making sticker and crayon artwork, and Gus entertained us all with his smiles and coos.

Gus really loves Kacy. He looks at her and just smiles. Even when she isn't paying attention to him, he still seems to notice her. She was so good with him too.

Daddy and Gus got in some last minute cuddling before bathtime. They sure love each other. In fact, daddy put Gus to bed last night, and Gus slept from 11 to 6:30 am this morning! And this time I never heard him on the monitor, so I believe this is his first official night of sleeping through without needing to get up to eat or play. Way to go Gus! I just hope he can keep this up...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So Excited Video


My New Bumbo Seat

Gus in his Bumbo seat this morning. He just loves to smile at the camera. He is like his mommy when she was a little girl. I always wanted to be on video.

Last night we tried out Gus' bumbo seat, since he is holding his head up so good, and he is just about ready for it! He looks so cute in it. I know I say this a lot, but I can't be lieve how quickly he is growing.

This morning when I was getting Gus ready for the day I thought I'd take some nakey pics so you all can see how chubby our little man is getting! Last night at Target I bought size 2 diapers. We also got him a CD player and played him music as he fell asleep last night. He seemed to like it and be soothed.

Not Gus' best angle, but you can see his chubby body pretty good!

This week has been nice so far for us. I have been able to get little organizational things done around the house so that I will be all ready for classes to start up in a few weeks. Last night Josh and I decided to go back to Clear Lake this weekend for Chris Treloar's wedding. Hopefully we'll get the chance to see some of you, since it is hard to say when we will be back to Clear Lake next. Gus hasn't gotten to meet many of our friends yet, so hopefully if you're back, you'll have time for a quick visit. We are planning on going to the Iowa vs Iowa State game, well tailgate at least, in September, so we'll be able to see some of you then as well. I don't think we'll bring Gus tailgating though... he is a bit young to appreciate the festivities. So, I may not post again until we get from Iowa next Monday, but keep checking, cause you never know :)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go Royals!

Here is our progress so far in the basement. Josh mudded yesterday. We are getting closer and closer, hopefully by Christmas it will be done. I am definitely ready to have some more room! The townhouse seems to have shrunk since the little man arrived in May.

Go Royals!

More babbling. He just loves to tell us stuff. This time he was telling me that he was tired of me taking all these pictures and that he just wanted me to get out the way so he could see the Royals on TV. Oh wait, that was daddy...

Still no hair. Well, he has a few straglers, but mostly just peach fuzz. It is so fun to rub his bald little head. I do hope that he gets some hair soon though, even just a little. Right now he kind of has a mullet... a little in back but even less on the top and sides. As they say, business in front, party in the back.

So if you haven't already guessed, after church today we decided to have a little photo session as a family. I haven't really wanted to be in any pictures with Gus until recently, so I wanted a good one of him and I. Although I hope that in a month I'll feel ready to be in even more... But my baby is sooo worth it. I could just squeeze those chubby little cheeks forever! My quickly growing two-and-a-half month old baby boy!

Daddy and Gus both had striped polos on today. So cute! Daddy got Gus ready for church this morning and did a great job. Gus looked adorable and got compliments, of course, by those sitting around us at Mass. By the way, Gus was awake half of Mass today, which was scary for us... we just prayed and prayed that he wasn't going to cry. Literally. And he didn't! I have to admit though, it is a lot easier when he just lays in his carseat and sleeps through the service.

Gus finally has some size on Buster. We think they are probably in the same weight class, although Gus is quickly gaining on him. I am not so nervous when the two are together now, at least Gus has a chance with Buster now! Luckily though, still no problems. Buster hardly even notices the Gus man.

Sorry, I double posted this picture... We had to run out to Legends Shopping Center after church, and since the Royals are in town this weekend, we thought we'd have Gus wear this cute little outfit from Grandma and Papa Dillavou, all the way from the kicks to the hat; Gus was decked out in baseball gear today!

He just looks waaay to innocent in this one. Notice, however, that he is flashing his homies some gang signs, LOL.

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Gus is 'talking' to us! We think it is so cute and love how he just tries and tries to tell us what he means. Hopefully in a year or so we'll be able to decipher his true meaning.


Can't believe it is Friday! I now have three weeks off before the fall semester starts... woo hoo! I figured out that videos can't be more than a few seconds long or they are hard to post on here. I will keep trying to get longer ones downloded, but am still figuring this all out. Gus did not sleep well last night, meaning, neither did mommy or daddy. But, it is Friday so we all have the weekend to recooperate. Gus is napping right now, but just before he fell asleep I played with him a little and got this video. He is not in best of moods, but he is smiling. He has on his cute little Wille Nelson onsie from great aunt Sandy in Texas. It is still a little big, but he can finally wear it.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Almost done teaching for the summer

I can't believe how fast this summer is flying by. Tomorrow is the last night of my 4 week July Public Speaking class, and I can hardly comprehend that fall classes start up in three weeks. Gus will be in daycare in three weeks too! It's going to be so hard to let him go. At least it will only be part-time.

Gus and I went for a walk this morning and he was great as usual. He was awake part of the time but just laid there and didn't cry and hardly made a peep. Josh and I have been having so much fun with him lately! He just smiles and coo's and 'talks' to us all the time. It is amazing how quickly they progress developmentally. Josh has been able to come home early this week from work and watch Gus while I teach, so they have been getting lots of fun time together. We are really lucky to have God give us such a good baby. And beautiful too :)

Last night Gus slept for about 6 hours, so that was wonderful. I woke up at 6 am to his little whimpers in the monitor and couldn't believe it! It will be sooooo nice when he sleeps through most nights, and not just one or two a week.

Well I better go shower and grade speeches while he is napping, who knows when he will decide to wake up!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Gus is Baptised!

Gus was full of smiles this past weekend. Hard to believe he'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow!

Gus loved his new sweater vest from Jared and Lisa! Now he looks just like daddy.

Gus' Baptism cake...not the most artistic purchase we've ever made. Gus could have written it better :)

We were so proud of him. Gus never cried once during the Baptism.

Grandma and grandpa McCollom.

Gus getting baptised. He wore a little blue sweater that his daddy wore at his own baptism.

Our friend Jared and aunt Lindsey were his Godparents.

Grandma and grandpa Dillavou.

Lisa and Gus at Cheeseburger in Paradise. He looked so cute in his little hoodie!

Gus not so happy and mommy laughing at him... This is our first picture, other than at birth, with all three of us!

Godmother and Gus...

Cousin Kenny and Gus...

Kenny did great at Church... such a cutie!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Kennedy

Pretty Princess pictures! Kennedy is so absolutely adorable! We are having so much fun together. We just got back from shopping for groceries. Kenny got to ride in the big blue car grocery cart. She had so much fun 'driving' it. We just got home a little while ago, Grandma is taking a nap and K and I are grading papers for my night class tonight.

Just brushing her teeth! SMILE!

Every time K goes potty like a big girl, she gets a prize from aunt Traci and a quarter from Papa. She earned sidewalk chalk as a prize this morning so Papa and K had fun drawing on the back cement slab.

More pretty princess poses! So precious~ Wow do I love this girl! She says that she is ready for her mommy to have a baby- sister or brother- she doesn't care. She just says that she is too little to have a baby so she wants her mommy to have one for her :)