Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bathing Suits and Bumbos

Hazel is 10 weeks old now. She is drinking about 7 ounces at a time, is sleeping through the night, smiling and giggling at us, rolling from back to side, loves to hear mommy and daddy's voices, and is holding her head up so well that we tried out the Bumbo seat this past weekend. She could do it, but it scared her, so we will wait a few more weeks before we try again.

Just like when Gus was a baby, her chubby legs were hard to get in and out of the teeny tiny leg slots.

Here is Gus in the same seat when he was 11 weeks old. I think he and Hazel look very much alike in these pictures. Sometimes I think she looks like me, sometimes like Josh, and then I see her pictures and she look so much like Gus. I guess only time will tell...

Here is Gus again... 11 weeks old...

And here he is at 109 weeks old (25 months old)!

Hazel wasn't so sure about this...

It is rare that I get many photos of him without his glasses, but as you can see, they are close by. He is so cute with them. When he wants to take them off for a few minutes, be usually folds them up before he sets them down- so responsible.

He loves this tee ball set! We like it too, as it is not the traditional setup for tee ball so it helps him get even more accustomed to the ball being tossed at him. We work hard with him on hand-eye coordination skills, as depth perception is one area where he has some vision loss.

After church on Sunday.

Hazel slept all the way to church, during church, on the way home from church, and for awhile at home afterward. Did I already mention that she is just an amazing baby?

Yesterday afternoon Gus, Hazel and I ventured over to my friend Lindsey's house in Overland Park. She has a pool and has wanted Gus to swim in it for awhile. Hazel got to wear her new bikini and even hung out in the water a little.

Chillin' in the shade.

Lindsey and Gus. She is about 18 weeks pregnant with her own little boy!

It scared me to death, but Gus really wanted to be alone much of the time. He likes to be independent, so we had to keep a really close eye on him. He will just jump in the water from the edge without warning! He is such a little fish.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Couple of Cute Kiddos

So I am definitely bias, but aren't these kids cute? Josh reminded me early this morning that I only have one more week of time off, although my summer classes aren't nearly as consuming as my regular semester ones. But just one more week to spend full time with my adorable kiddos. Where does the time go? Here are some pics of my beautiful babies this morning.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fun in the Sun

More pics of my supermodel. She is such a little dolly! This was her yesterday after we got back from shopping. I tried to find some bows like the one she is wearing (this is one her cousin Andi forgot at our house this weekend so we'll give it back to her next week in CL) but I didn't have any luck. I found some smaller ones, but I love the bigger ones!

This morning Gus and I (well Gus really) played in the pool and sprinkler. As usual, he loved it. I swear he is a little fish. I can't wait until next summer when Hazey is older- I'll have to take them both to the real pool.

He seems to be outgrowing his pool. Next summer we'll have to get a bigger one for him, and graduate this one to Hazel.

Hazel didn't swim with us, but she sure was wiped out from watching!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Last week one day at breakfast. Gus has been really good about wearing his glasses and pretty good about wearing the patch, but it will take some time for this all to start working. His soft little toddler skin around his eye (where we patch it) was sore the first week or so, so raw it was bleeding a little, but seems to be healing up this week. We have also been battling a weird allergy issue, and he has had hives off and on for a few weeks. Today he got a prescription for Clari ton and Zyrtec, which he will take both every day for the next month to see if that stops him from breaking out.

Hazel, hanging out in her bouncy chair last week. We have been battling a little baby acne and eczema with her. The doctor called it Seborrhea today, which is like cradle cap but on your face. Today the doctor gave us some ideas of over the counter remedies to try and if we have no luck with those, we can try something prescription. Hazel weighed in at 12 lbs and 15 ounces today- 90%! Her length was 23 1/2 in, 90% and her head circumference is 15 1/2 in, or 75%. She is a very healthy little, or shall I say big, lady.

Last weekend we tried to take Gus to the zoo to see the animals, but it rained- downpoured- so much that the zoo lost electricity and we never made it past the guest relations building. We didn't see one animal. We waited the rain out for about an hour, but because there was no electricity, we couldn't even go in the indoor exhibits. We will have to try again soon, as Gus loves animals.

Hazel giving her bro some moral support by sporting an eye patch.

On our way back to Iowa for Grandma Shirley's funeral, Gus was awake the entire time and ate a half a bag of cheesy popcorn- the treat he picked out at the gas station along the way. At least it kept him entertained.

After the funeral, we ventured back to KC for Hazel's baptism on Sunday (yesterday). I was terrible about taking pictures this past week, but luckily my sister stepped in and took some at the ceremony. Here is gma Sue and Hazey.


My little lady.

Uncle Steve, Kacy and Avery.

Hazel getting anointed with oil.

Getting her head dipped!

Trish and Matt stood up as Godparents.

Well, we tried. Another failed family picture. Hopefully we get a good one soon that I can use as a blog header.

Hazel wearing her lovely little bracelet from Godmother Trish. Or as Andi calls it, her fairy godmother :)

Okay, so I took waaay too many pics of Hazel last night- but how could I resist!? She was a supermodel- and just kept smiling for the camera. I love her little smile, and her skin cleared up for a few days- so I was able to take awesome pictures.

Hey girlfriend!

Telling mommy a story.

Daddy and I got Hazel some new headbands and bows for her baptism gift. Here is one of the adorable bows.

Gus insisted on wearing one as well. Isn't he beautiful?