Monday, June 2, 2014

First Week of Summer in KC

Stopping for a quick snack between swimming breaks at the neighborhood pool today.

Swimming lessons this morning.

Hazel in a super silly mood yesterday!

Kate came to KC with some of her Cedar Falls friends so I joined them at the Boulevard Brewery yesterday.

Slip N Slide Friday fun night. My oh my how our weekend evenings have changed...

At Kennedy's 9th birthday party Saturday afternoon.

Ready for S'mores Friday night.

And then it rained out of no where, and we were sad.

Especially Hazel...

So daddy braved the downpour and roasted some marshmallows.

And S'mores were had!

Hazel had her certicate ceremony last Thursday at gymnastics. She accidentally erased the best pictures, so this is all I have. 

Swimming with our KC friends Lucy and Chaz and Lindsey Welsch's pool last Friday afternoon.

Gus and daddy went out after his game last Wednesday. 

First swim in the neighborhood pool last week with Gma Sue.

Memorial Day Weekend in Clear Lake

Bonfire Entertainers.


Fishing off the dock.

Hazel caught a little walleye!

Catching up with old friends and their children. It was fun to see our children have fun together- a circle of friendship.

Girlie Girls!