Wednesday, January 30, 2013

One year check up

Well, he's one. I brought Walter Joshua to his one year check up on Monday and here are his stats. He weighed in at 24 pounds 4 ounces (90%), 29 3/4 in long (50%), and 18 1/2 in head circumference (77%). He is a strong, healthy, growing baby boy.

Walter loves yogurt, goldfish crackers and pizza. He likes apple juice and will be devastated when we take the bottle away soon. He still likes his paci. He can say dada, mama, Guh (Gus), and yayaya (yes). He can walk (just started over the last few weeks), sort of runs awkwardly when excited to see you, crawls up and down stairs relatively well, and LOVES playing with Hazel and Gus. Walter has eight full teeth and really no hair.

He is very cuddly at night, but likes his autonomy during the day. He likes daddy the most (sigh) and enjoys bath time very very much. He sleeps through the night.

Basically, he is amazing. And perfect. And I can't believe his is one year old. Where did my baby go?

Summer already???

We beat the record in KC on Monday by 11 degrees. Grilling in January? I think so!

Beware of Pirates!

We had a pirate themed birthday party for Walter's first birthday on Saturday.

My cupcakes turned out pretty nice! However, sometime in the middle of the night a Tupperware of six cupcakes disappeared... I am still not sure what happened to them. I thought for sure I'd find the empty container in Gus' room... Not yet anyway...

And my cake turned out even better. I am pretty proud of this one. Usually fondant and I do not get along, but it wasn't a terrible relationship this birthday party... :)

Cousin Rian was so helpful. She put together all of Wally's toys for us! Thanks!

Uncle Brandon and Walter

Hazel decked out in her pirate costume

Walt and I

Our little pirate

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wally's Days

Wally fell asleep in his high chair with the nanny.

Wally and Kaylyn

Wally has really adapted well to going to my friend Amy's house while I work. The older two kids go to the preschool on my campus, but Walter is too young. Nanny sharing has been nice. These are a few pics the nanny sent me. She always sends me little videos and pictures during the day. Helps my day go faster.

Monkey Bizness

60's in January

But you don't have any hair?

Wally... You need hair before you can use my blowdryer? Silly boy.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Uncle Josh took the kids sledding today. Lindsey and the kids stayed over for New Years so Josh took them all outside to play in real KC snow this morning.

Camping Out

Upon the insisting requests of Gus all day long, we had a camp out in the living room this evening. We lit a fire, made hot cocoa, roasted marshmallows, put up a tent, got out sleeping bags, took turns telling told scary stories, and played campfire name games (like, go around the circle taking turns naming things that belong on a farm...). I think that tonight was one of the best nights I've ever had. I absolutely loved creating such a fun memory with my family.

The pics are blurry because I tried to take them in the dark. But Wally had fun too. I don't think he quite understood what we were doing, obviously, but he loved crawling toward the fireplace. Repeatedly. About 20 times or so. Josh and I constantly had to tackle the little dude. Kind of like a shiny lure and a fish. He just kept going back to the bright flames.

Hazel took a bite of her marshmallow and burned her tongue. This is the little sad face she gave when I told her to smile afterward.

Gus shining the flashlight in Hazel's face, in the tent, during his turn at telling a scary story.

Hazel had a flashlight of her own.


This was Gus' zombie face. Pretty hilarious. If you could see his arms and hands thrust out in front of him and the hear the dead-like moaning he attempted... Gus had so much fun tonight. 

Christmas Pictures

Christmas time smiles

Dillavou/Varner cousin gift exchange

Our little family Christmas

Santa came!

Josi and Hazel at the Dillavou Christmas

Sledding at the Dillavou Christmas

Presents at the Dillavou Christmas

Back at grandma Ds, santa came AGAIN on actual Christmas morning, a surprise to mommy and daddy. Thank you Santa! Here is Evil Canevil (sp??) on his motorcycle...

Miss Hello Kitty, a fav new outfit of Hazel, complements gma Sue.

The Dillavou Dozen