Friday, June 27, 2008

Picture day!

Gus hated the little tag I made him wear... but it sure did look cute!

Our toesies~

I love his cute belly in this one.

This is one of my favorite, he looks so innocent.

Today I played photographer again... Help me decide which pictures to make copies of for Gus' six week portait... Let me know which ones you like best :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fast Week

This week has gone by so fast. I can't believe it will be Friday already tomorrow. Josh has had a very busy week with work, mostly 10-12 hour days, so I have had to fulfill most of Gus' needs this week. Hopefully over the weekend we can spend some family time together.
Next week we will be going back to Iowa for the fourth of July. We will leave early Thursday morning for Jefferson and Grand Junction and then be back in Clear Lake by Thursday night. We are very excited for the Great Grandparents to meet Gus. We have some plans over the fourth, but hope to see all of our family and friends. Gus especially misses his aunt Lindsey, who also misses him very much.

Lindsey had company at her new house in North Liberty over this past weekend, and her sister-in-law-to-be took a cute pic of Kenny, thought I'd blog it for those of you who haven't gotten to see how big she is getting since she turned three this month. I miss her so much! Lindsey and I plan to take her and Gus to the parade in Clear Lake over the fourth. We got them semi-matching little plaid outfits so we'll have to update with pictures afterward!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Six weeks old!

This morning we made tons of funny faces at the camera. Gus' smile is soooo fun! It is hard to believe that Gus is six weeks old today. Time is flying by so fast. I can't believe I go back to teaching (well one night class in July anyway) next week.

This past weekend was lots of fun. We got so much done with the basement. The drywall is now almost completely up so we will need to start mudding and sanding next. We can't wait to get it all done! Gus already has so much stuff- we really need the extra room. Papa Dillavou, Steve and Josh were very busy all weekend with working on it.

On Friday night, Nama and Papa Dillavou watched Gus, Kacy and Andi at a sleepover at our house while the mommies and daddies went to the Royals game. The Royals lost, but it was still fun to go the game. It was YMCA night, so we tailgated for a few hours before with Josh's work friends and their wives.

These were a few pics of Kacy and Andi, Steve and Tricia's girls. Trish, Paulette, me, Gus and the girls went shopping at the Plaza and Legends, where the girls got butterfly wings, a wand and tiara from Grandma from Pottery Barn Kids. They looked so beautiful!
Daddy and Gus where pretty tuckered out after everyone left Sunday afternoon. They took a nap on the couch. Mommy thought they looked pretty adorable! Later that night, some friends, Sarah and Christian, came over with their son, two year old Wyatt, to grill. They had some good news to share: they are expecting again! We are very happy for them.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Gus is five weeks old! Hard to believe that mommy goes back for her 6 week check up on Monday. Today is also daddy's birthday. Gus is really excited for the Dairy Queen ice cream cake mommy got daddy for tonight (mommy may have to break her diet for a slice!). But mommy is finally out of maternity clothes! Yay! Only 15 pounds to go- sounds like a lot yes, but when you gain 55 during pregnancy 15 pounds to go doesn't sounds too bad... LOL...

This week we got day care for the fall lined up. We were able to find a part time in home provider for a pretty reasonable rate. He starts on August 18th. It is crazy how expensive day care is! And the hospital bills starting coming this week from when Gus was born- we don't know what people without insurance would do.

Here is a pic of the little man sleeping in his crib right now- finally! We started having Gus sleep in his crib this week. It has worked out nicely, especially for the parent NOT getting up for the middle of the night feeding. Gus has also been a little sick this week. He must have picked up something on his trip last weekend to Iowa. Mommy has been dealing with a crying and constantly pooping baby for two days. She is glad Gus is finally starting to feel better and sleep more and cry less today.

Papa Dillavou is on his way to Kansas City right now. He will be helping daddy with the basement for the next few days. Nama and the Spratts will be here tonight. We are so sad the Spratts are moving to St. Louis next week! We miss them already!

Hopefully after this weekend we will have lots of pictures to post. Miss you all and can't wait to see you over the Fourth of July!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

We have been so busy lately! Last week we BBQ'd at a friends house with a few other people, Gus had lot's of fun. He behaved and got to meet a new friend, Brody, a boy a little older than him.

On Friday morning, daddy gave Gus a bath in his big boy tub. He was so cute. Gus loves the water so much. After his bath, Gus went to the doctor for his one month check up. Everything is good. Gus weighed 10 pounds 4 ounces. He was in the 50 percentile for height, weight and head circumference. He goes back in July for some shots. Yikes!

On Saturday, mommy, daddy and Gus decided to go back to Clear Lake to surprise the Grandpa's for Father's Day. His first trip to Iowa was fun, but very exhausting for mommy and daddy. Gus got to meet all of his Dillavou cousins. Here is a picture of all ten of them together. Gus also got to meet daddy's friend Brad on Sunday. Brad didn't want to hold him yet, but thought he was pretty cute!

When we got back to Kansas City this afternoon, daddy had to go to work so mommy and Gus took a nap and Gus got another bath. Just a relaxing afternoon.

Nama and Papa Dillavou are coming to Kansas City this weekend to help with the basement and babysit while mommy and daddy go to a Royals game (their first this season!). Lot's of fun stuff coming up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

4 Weeks Old Today

We tried out the video function on our camera today, so hopefully you can all see how cute Gus is. This is a video of daddy feeding him, and if you listen closely, you can hear him toot a couple of times too! There is something about feeding him that usually brings on the gas. He is just too cute (you can hear mommy and daddy laughing at him in the background!).

Today Mommy and Gus went for a two-mile walk around the neighborhood. Pushing that stroller sure is hard work! When we got back, mommy gave Gus his first REAL bath in the baby tub/sink. It was so fun! Gus loved it! He splashed and got very calm.

Tonight, we all went to our first in-home daycare interview. It went well. We have a few more this week, so we will have to see how they all go and then choose one. Hopefully we will have this all settled by early next week, mommy sure would like to check daycare off her list!

Monday, June 9, 2008

This Past Weekend

We had a very busy weekend! On Friday, daddy and mommy took Gus out to eat. Well, we just went to Panera Bread so it would be quicker (we weren't sure how little Gussie would do!) and it went really well. Hardly a peep from the little man. Then we walked around Legend mall and got some outside time. It felt great for both mommy and Gus to get out of the house.

Saturday was our neighborhood garage sale. We took Gus around the neighborhood in his stroller and went "garage saling." We didn't buy anything; nearly everything was for little girls, not little boys. On Saturday night we all went over to a friends house (Amy, Tyler and their one year old daugher Kaylyn) to grill. The weather was a little breezy so we stayed inside most of the time, but we had a lot of fun visitng with them.

On Sunday, we went to church for the first time. We had to give Gus a bath before we left. Here is a picture of him in his ducky robe after his bath. You can see that his face is really starting to fill out!

Gus was great during mass! Everyone that sat around us thought he was just sooo cute. Monsignor got to meet Gus for the first time and thought that he was adorable too. Gus will be baptised on July 20th, so we are looking forward to that.

When we got home, we took pictures cause Gus looked so old in his big boy clothes! It was fun to dress him in something other than a onsie or a gown.

Daddy and Gus both wore brown and blue polo shirts to church. Gus better get used to wearing polo's cause that is one of his dad's favorite things to wear. It was almost like they were twins~

To our relief, Buster has been great with Gus. He basically leaves Gus alone or is scared of him (especially when he cries and screams!). In this picture you can see that Buster still has a little bit of size on Gus. Buster looks like he is teaching Gus one of his favorite things to do: stretch out!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Funny Faces

Gus has had a busy day today! First, mommy gave him a bath this morning. We still just give him sponge baths, as he has yet to lose his little belly button plug. Then he took a nap (the bath really tuckered him out!) and woke up starving. You would think mommy never feeds the little guy by the funny 'hungry birdie' face he was making!

We just finished nursing and he decided to make some more funny faces for mommy, so she grabbed the camera and wanted to share them with you!

Just a little angel! He is so precious when he sleeps. Speaking of sleep, mommy and daddy upped Gus' milk intake to 4 ounces and he is sleeping much better, and for longer intervals (about three hours!) so the nights are getting a little longer. Usually just one feeding right before bed, one in the middle of the night, and then one in the early morning: a much more tolerable schedule for mommy!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Busy Weekend

Sorry for the delayed update, our Internet has been down. We have been having lots of storms here in KS over the last few days. This past weekend were were very busy. Daddy and Mommy took Gus shopping for the first time. We went to Lowe's and got a few things needed for the continuing project of finishing the basement. Daddy worked most of the day on Saturday on insulating the basement.

Uncle Steve came over on Sunday and helped daddy start some drywall, thank goodness he is here to help (for another month anyway- before the Spratt's move to St. Louis!). After Steve left we went for a walk around the neighborhood as a family.

Today, aunt Trish came over and watched Gus for a couple of hours while mommy ran errands. It was so nice for mommy to get out of the house for a little while, although she missed Gus very much and loved hearing about his adventures (mostly sleeping) while she was gone. It was also nice to visit with Trish and get some adult time! Thanks aunt Trish!

Mommy promises to take some more pictures of Gus this week and have them up on the blog in a few days. You'll be so surprised to see how fast the little man is growing! Talk more soon!