Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fun Week

Daddy gets kinda mad when Gus gets into the drawer under the TV, but it sure is cute when Gus pretends that some of the cords are a cell phone.

Trying to sneak things under the rug in the basement.

At the playground this week, we had a few really nice days. A little gross, but he likes to push his nose up against the clear dome of the toddler maze. Hi little piggy!


What started as a meltdown in the grass on the walk back to the house, ended as a cute photo opportunity.

I am having some computer issues, so this was the only picture I was able to edit, sorry that some of the pics in this post aren't colorful, have red eye and aren't cropped very well :)

Daddy brought a Chiefs helmet home for Gus; here daddy is trying to teach Gus how to put it on.

Gus immediately knew to go get his football out of his toy box.

And he also new to pick it up and run with it (must be all the Hawkeye games we have been watching lately!).

About 1/2 a second after this picture Gus smashed into the wall (but he laughed the whole time of course).

Daddy making sure Gus was okay.

Gus talking on his 'cell phone.'

Copying mommy.


Friday, October 30, 2009

Doctor Appointment

I will update you all with some really cute pics and videos of Gus soon, but I thought I would talk a little about my appointment yesterday. I had my 15 week appointment, although I am nearly 16 weeks along now. I have gained a little weight... but until now I had not really gained much, so I am trying not to get too concerned. I new that I had gained, my tummy has really popped over the last month (strangers- and students- are noticing now). The heartbeat was very easy to hear and the baby moved around like crazy- a very active little dude or dudette. My doctor gave me a new prescription for nausea, a very strong one that is prescribed to chemotherapy patients, so hopefully this one works (the last one did not work at all). I am so sick- physically ill- this time- STILL! Some days I am sick several times a day- morning and night. My doc ran out of the H1N1 vaccine a few hours before I got there (ugh!) but I am to call back on Monday and see if they have received a new shipment in. I am definitely going to get vaccinated. I received my seasonal flu vaccine last month as well.

My next appointment and sonogram is in about 3 1/2 weeks and we FIND OUT THE SEX!!!! I am so excited to see my new little one on the big screen :) I really have no inclination as to what I am having this time. Last time I just new it was a boy- I had dreams about him and just had the feeling that it would be my little Gus. This time- clueless. Josh thinks it is a girl. We'll see...

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Hawkeyes!

Spikey hair- about time for another trim.

Daddy took these pictures one morning before work. Gus sure loves his 'popcorn popper.'

I met my friend Amy on Saturday and we took Gus and her daughter Kaylyn to Deanna Rose Farm. As usual, Gus loved it! He was such a ham for the camera when we were taking pictures in the school house.


In the goat pen.

Kaylyn feeding the goats a bottle.

Amy teaching Gus how to feed the goats.

He did it all by himself- for a few seconds anyway :)

His favorite toy at the playground.

He would sit on these and rock back and forth and say, "rock rock rock." It actually sounds more like "awk awk awk" but we know what he means- he says the same thing when he is rocking in the rocking chair.

Watching the Hawkeyes win!

Gus was so funny when the Hawks won on Saturday night. Josh and I were screaming and Josh was jumping around the room and Gus got really excited and starting doing the same things we were! It was adorable. Such a little Hawkeye already.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naughty night for Gus

I don't have any pics to post tonight, only an update. Gus was very naughty this evening. Not only did he do his usual mischievous things, like throw all of his supper on the floor, tackle Buster to the point of needing to be separated from him- several times, and throw every single toy in his room on his bedroom floor after it was picked up, but he also poured daddy's big glass of orange soda on himself and all over the rug in the basement. And did I mention that right before his bath tonight (the bath where he predicatively poured more water out of the tub than he left in it), as I was filling up the tub, he ran to my room, without his diaper of course, and when I chased after him to bring him back to the tub, he was squatting and peeing on my bedroom floor. Gus Gus Gus...

I should have known it was going to be a bad day when I walked downstairs this morning, Gus had beat me down there by a few minutes, where everything in my work bag (at least 100 student papers, several marker board markers, and textbooks) was thrown all over the kitchen floor.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Touch of the Flu

Eating breakfast Sunday morning- finally had an appetite back!

Sitting at his make-shift 'desk' reading his books.

Is that frog real?!?!!

Gus coloring with his toddler crayons from Nama Paulette. They were easy for him to hang onto, but he still wanted to eat them more than color with them. Also, the crayon is really soft, so we had to wash some of it out of the carpet, whenever Gus went off the page. ...We may have to wait just a little longer to use them again.

This weekend Gus had a touch of the flu. On Friday afternoon, while we were driving home from daycare, I looked in the the rear view mirror and saw Gus puking all over the place. I got him home, cleaned him up, took his temp (101) and gave him medicine. Poor little fella just wanted to cuddle all night. In the middle of the night he woke up with a temp of 103, so more medicine. We decided to give him medicine round the clock all day Saturday. Sunday, no medicine and no temp, he seemed much better. Today, Monday, he woke up with a rash and had some diarrhea, which probably means the virus is leaving his system. He was also left with a horrible stuffed up and nonstop runny, sneezing nose. No temp today though. We gave him a vapor bath tonight, and he will try daycare tomorrow. Hopefully this is the worst of the flu he gets this year, fingers crossed.

Gus this fall by the flower pots...

Gus last fall by the flower pots.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Tool Bench

Gus loves his new tool bench from Gma Sue- Thanks! He plays with it all the time- even carries it from room to room. As you can see from these pictures, he carried it right next to me as I was on the computer so he could be right beside his favorite toy and his favorite person :) Now I just need to find him some more tools for it...

Nothing exciting about this video, it has just been awhile since I posted one. Gus noticed the blog on the computer, and started saying, Mama, and Football, and other words I am sure he understands but I can't quite yet :) Oh, and he is absolutely adorable. I don't know if it is because I am crazy-preggars hormonal lately, but it makes me just love love love my little man so much! He just melts my heart- constantly.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Uncle Nick!

Iowa City was a lot of fun! Josh had a good time at the game (Go Hawks!) and I had fun hanging out with family. Mom and I got some great deals consignment shopping- Gus got a bunch of new toys, some warm winter clothes, and I got a few maternity pieces. Josh, Gus and I went over to Tom and Tracey's house for a little while and said Hello to everyone the morning after the game (although many of Josh's friends were in no shape to even say hello- they had a little too much fun tailgating the day- and night- before!).
I wasn't very good at taking pictures this weekend, but here are a few of uncle Nick's birthday party lunch. Happy 25 Nicholas! As you can see in the picture, Kennedy was pretty excited for the cookie cake I made!
Anyone have any unusual tips for nausea? I know the usual ones- but man I am sick of being sick! Hopefully soon this morning sickness will be O V E R!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Off to Iowa!

Gus got a big boy toothbrush and toothpaste! Up until this point, he has been using the little one that came with his first aid kit. He loves it (especially the toothpaste!). This was his first night using it.

Batman... nana nana nana nana Batman...

Gus thinks it is hilarious to pop up and 'scare' me from the couch when I am on the computer.


Well, it's off to Iowa tomorrow morning. Josh is going to the Iowa/Michigan game, but before we can go to Iowa City, Gus and I have to help Josh set up a few fields in the morning. I will be sure to take lots of pictures over the weekend to share with you all!