Sunday, October 25, 2009

Go Hawkeyes!

Spikey hair- about time for another trim.

Daddy took these pictures one morning before work. Gus sure loves his 'popcorn popper.'

I met my friend Amy on Saturday and we took Gus and her daughter Kaylyn to Deanna Rose Farm. As usual, Gus loved it! He was such a ham for the camera when we were taking pictures in the school house.


In the goat pen.

Kaylyn feeding the goats a bottle.

Amy teaching Gus how to feed the goats.

He did it all by himself- for a few seconds anyway :)

His favorite toy at the playground.

He would sit on these and rock back and forth and say, "rock rock rock." It actually sounds more like "awk awk awk" but we know what he means- he says the same thing when he is rocking in the rocking chair.

Watching the Hawkeyes win!

Gus was so funny when the Hawks won on Saturday night. Josh and I were screaming and Josh was jumping around the room and Gus got really excited and starting doing the same things we were! It was adorable. Such a little Hawkeye already.

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Lane & Rachel Smith said...

CUTE!!! That sure was an exciting game!! :)