Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Fun Week

Daddy gets kinda mad when Gus gets into the drawer under the TV, but it sure is cute when Gus pretends that some of the cords are a cell phone.

Trying to sneak things under the rug in the basement.

At the playground this week, we had a few really nice days. A little gross, but he likes to push his nose up against the clear dome of the toddler maze. Hi little piggy!


What started as a meltdown in the grass on the walk back to the house, ended as a cute photo opportunity.

I am having some computer issues, so this was the only picture I was able to edit, sorry that some of the pics in this post aren't colorful, have red eye and aren't cropped very well :)

Daddy brought a Chiefs helmet home for Gus; here daddy is trying to teach Gus how to put it on.

Gus immediately knew to go get his football out of his toy box.

And he also new to pick it up and run with it (must be all the Hawkeye games we have been watching lately!).

About 1/2 a second after this picture Gus smashed into the wall (but he laughed the whole time of course).

Daddy making sure Gus was okay.

Gus talking on his 'cell phone.'

Copying mommy.


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