Wednesday, October 29, 2008

100th Post!

My naked little cutie cooling off and talking to his toy Glow Worm.

In about six months I have posted on here 100 times! Just a little For Your Information... and thanks to all who frequently visit our blog. As long as their is interest, I plan to continue this blog infinitely.

Well, sad news. Gus is sick. Not just a cold, but honest-to-goodness, temperature to tummy ache sick. The last few days he has not wanted to eat and has been 'talking' all the time, almost like he is groaning. Yesterday when I picked him up at daycare in the afternoon, he was not feeling well at all. I checked his temp and it was 1o1.6, which isn't horribe, but high enough to be concerned.
We have been giving him Tylenol around the clock, which is keeping his temp under 100 degrees, but his eating is waaay off. He doesn't want to eat, and he moans all the time like his stomach is in pain. Over the last few days, he has gotten a few good feedings in, but mostly little 1-2 ouncers every few hours. As long as he is still eating something I am okay with it. It makes me so sad though! I hate that he doesn't feel well.
On a happy note, we found a Pug Puppy costume! So check back this weekend for super cute Halloween pictures.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Poor little guy!! Is it too early for him to cut a tooth?? I guess that wouldn't explain the tummy ache part. I hope he feels better soon:)

Amanda and Scott said...

Poor Gussie! Presto has been sick too, but not that sick. He just has a stuffy nose. It makes he stay awake at night though because I have to listen to him breathe- I am a little paranoid! I have been getting into the bad habit of letting him sleep with us so I can listen to him...not good! I hope Gus is feeling better soon! I am excited to see the posts of Gus in his Halloween costume- it sounds so cute. We are just going to pass out candy here- we won't go anywhere this year.
I think Preston is on his way to Gus' size though- I weighed him today and I think he is around 11 lbs!

Amanda and Scott said...

By the way- we have that same glow worm in the picture- it is very educational! Baby toys are so cool now!

ToTalkToReba said...

Oh... I hope you are all doing better today. Super sad that he's not himself. Take care! :) Nicole