Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chuck E Cheese Please!

The kids posed with Mr. Chuck E. Cheese himself. Gus was amazed and kept trying to touch the poor mouse's face.

Pizza Party!

Gus and Kenny.


Move out of the way, just driving my car.

When I was helping Gus play a game, I turned around to check on Hazel and she had climbed up on this toy all by herself!

This past weekend, Lindsey and I were very brave. We took the kiddos, since the daddy's were working, to a huge consignment sale in KC in the morning on Saturday. Afterward, we decided to take them to Chuck E Cheese Restaurant. It was quite the adventure, and overall, I think the kids had a great time. Gus went crazy putting his coins into every machine he could figure out. Hazel was timid- but ate more pizza than the other three kids combined. Kennedy was very mature and helpful, she was even able to count her own winning tickets! And Parker was fun to watch. He wasn't quite old enough to participate fully, but he sure did soak it all in. He enjoyed picking on his big sister whenever he could- he has definitely figured out how to push her buttons, little stinker! Lindsey and I, well we were exhausted afterward. But I am loving having family in KC so much- it still seems a little surreal.

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