Thursday, September 15, 2011

Belly Pic & Bitty

Hello belly! Definitely no longer looking like I "maybe ate one too many burritos" and looking more like, "yep she IS pregnant again"... Here I am at 20 weeks. We are halfway there.

I was able to get some better pictures of Gus at Bitty Soccer, our little guy on the end, #8. He has had three practices, now he has 3 games coming up (tonight will be his first one). Gus really isn't doing well with the whole soccer experience. He is talented enough, even got a goal last practice, but only pays attention about 25 % of the time (at best). He just doesn't have the attention span of the 4-5 year olds on the team. Now that he has been exposed to the sport, maybe next season will be better.

Hazel and I sit on the sidelines and watch. Well sometimes she runs out onto the field, but other than that, we are pretty behaved.

Quick snack break.

"Why did you put all these cones on the ground daddy? Here, I'll pick them up for you..." Gus constantly plays with the cones during practice. Grrrrr...

Gus hiding in the goal net, his favorite place to be naughty during practice.

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