Monday, May 19, 2014

Another installment of selfies & budding photographers

The following pictures were taken on my iPhone by the kids. This is always one if my favorite posts!

Walter playing a slot machine game on the iPad (so that's where that extra 30,000 points came from!).

Playing with his new mini tablet from Gma Sue and Papa Randy. Hazel must have taken this one.

Hazel told me to say cheese while we sat in the pick up line at Gus' school.

Deciding what to get at Sonic. Must have seemed like a Kodak moment to a 6 year old.

Ya- no idea on this one.

Again, not sure why a picture was taken of this book...

Baseball & Soccer

Gus started his first season of coach-pitch baseball last month. He has games a few times a week from now until the beginning of July. The Varners came and watched his game yesterday and he was 4 for 4 on hits! So proud of him!

On our way home from a game.

Hazel had her last soccer game tonight. She was adorable as usual- gets right in there with the older kids, loves playing goalie, and when she falls down she stands right back up unscathed. She's tough as nails, that girl!

When asked to "make a tough face" this is what I got from her. 

Dash to First Grade!

Today I helped Gus' class "dash" to first grade. Last night around 9 pm we started working on his car, not our best work but it sufficed. I let him decide everything so it was adorable, although not as complex or detailed as the ones where the parents took charge. He loved it though. And I took note of a few ideas for when we make Hazel's car in a few years. :)

Post Office station (lucky Gma Sue will be getting a letter from Gus this weekend!). I was a little jealous. Most of the other kids wrote love letters to their moms- guess I know where I stand in Gus' pecking order!

Red Light, Green Light

 Gus is out of school for the summer after Wednesday. I submitted the last of my grades earlier this evening, so we are all ready for summer!

Happy 6th Birthday Gussie!

Minions minions and more minions!

Gus chose Despicable Me as his birthday theme this year. We had a rotation of 21 kids at various stations. Gus had a blast!

Parker and Hazel!

Walter and Kennedy 

Josh attempting to entertain the kiddos with a timed race.

The most popular station was the bouncey house. A fan favorite!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Kindergarten Program

Last night we attended Gus' kindergarten program. Sooooo adorable. He had such character and animation... Wonder where he gets that? Mid-program Josh looked at me and said, "He's just like you." Yep, I agree. Maybe we should get him in some acting or singing lessons soon!

Brady, Cooper & Gus afterward in their classroom.

Walter playing on the bleachers in the back.

Hazel jumping in too.

The pillow Gus made with his classmates. They each signed one for every other student in the class.

 We finished off the night by blowing up the bouncey house as a test-run for Gus' party this weekend. The kids loved it!