Friday, May 16, 2014

Strawberries, Selfies and Sprinkles

Well we finally planted a garden. Strawberries, tomatoes, banana peppers, yellow and red peppers. I'll be anxious to see if this little experiment comes to fruition, literally.

Today was my last day of classes until mid August, so I'm home with the kids all summer. The garden is just one of the many fun things I hope to do this with them.

Hazel loves taking pictures. Here is one of Wally and I cuddling.

Helping me mix the batter for Gus' birthday brownie cupcakes.

And we can't forget the sprinkles !

Thanks for the awesome Legos Gma and Papa D! Gus is now (holding back tears, huge lump-in-my-throat swallow) 6 years old! I'll give more details after his first really big friend party this weekend and his well-child check next week, but my little baby boy is 6! 

Hazel wanted a selfie of us girls :)

And here's one I found on my phone that she took of herself recently.

Gus went to a birthday party last weekend so we ventured to Chick-fil-a and played while we waited.

Gus went to the new HyVee down the street with me and we were able to see a race car up close. He was pretty excited!

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