Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New House Pics

Back of house

The entryway

So many of you have asked for a few more pictures of the house, which I hate to do until we are moved in, but here are some from the listing (so obviously, this is not my decor or furniture). We get close in 5 days... so excited!!!!!!

The kitchen and living room in back of picture

The kitchen and eat in area

The master bedroom

Gus and his team picture!

The Best Buddies Ever!

Josh went to a YMCA event and met Dontari Poe, the Chiefs #1 draft pic. Pretty cool.

Summer Fun!

Nearly every day Hazel comes up to me, changed out of her clothes, and in her big brothers clothes. Gus helps her sometimes, but many times she does it herself. What you can't see is that she even puts on his underwear!

A good eater and aunt Lindsey's house this weekend.

I thought Gus was napping. Nope, just making a crazy trap...

Make a funny face!

Finally- pigtails!

My little lady had a speech appointment today. It went really well, in fact she has almost graduated from services already! She gets her hearing checked on Friday, but she is doing really well with her speech over the last 2 months.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

All in a Days Work

Yesterday was a really fun day. Mommy has been slacking on the crafts a little this week, so I planned some awesome activities for us! It started with storytelling and acting out the characters from a funny story I have made up lately that the kids love about Silly Girl Butterfly and an Ugly Stinker Pants Bee. This is how Gus envisions the bee, apparently.

In the afternoon we moved onto body finger painting, which the kids love. I accidently discovered their enjoyment of this activity when we finger painted inside one day. I quickly discovered that it was more of an outside activity than an inside one- and who needs paper?!?!

Well, what better way to get off finger paint then to spray it off with a hose. The kids loved it so much that we had to do the whole thing twice!

And we wrapped up the day with a cool fort made of moving boxes cut, taped and drawn on with markers (how the permanent purple marker drawings got on the kitchen shelf is another related, but self explanatory story). We eventually clipped a Superman sheet on the top for a roof, and Gus begged if him and daddy could sleep in it last night. They love it!

Somehow I also managed to make banana bread and lasagne yesterday too. To round off the day, we went for a family walk last night when daddy got home from work.

Today we will celebrate the letter F for Flag Day, color F worksheets, and make paper flags. I have to admit, this stay at home mommy thing is starting to grow on me ;)


Wally discovered his bottom lip this week! He chews on it all the time- it is soooo cute!

And I had to throw in one of Hazel enjoying her chocolate ice cream. My girl loves ice cream and freezies!

Parks and Packing

We tried out a new park last week. Always an adventure when I venture alone with the 3 kiddos, but it was nice. We ran into a boy that was on Gus's soccer team last summer, so the two boys had a good time playing together.

Here is Hazel making friends of her  own,

Gus and his bitty baseball team, along with their little cheerleader. It has been fun having Parker on the team too- and of course Josh coaching.

Gus stil says he wants to be a 'deer shooter' when he grows up. Here he is practicing his bow with his decoys (puppy, spiderman and turtle). Hazel is saving her kitty from target practice in this picture.

Hazel might be a little tree hugger- or animal rights activist- one day. She insisted on standing between Gus and his targets!

While packing this weekend we came accross Gus's old eye patches from a few years ago. They had fun playing with them.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rice Cereal is Yummy!

This week we started rice cereal with Walter. This is a pic of his first attempt.

Here he is today, a real pro by day 4.

Could they be any cuter?!

Hazel loves pony tails lately- Yesssss!!!!!!!!! Finally some hair to do!

Working on a fun craft last week- we colored puzzles! Gus loves putting them together. Even though they are only 6 pieces, they are really hard because they are just scribbles- not an organized background.

Bitty Tball started up last night. Parker and Gus are on the same team, with coach Daddy/Uncle Josh. They were adorable.

Well, we are closer and closer to owning our next home. Underwriting went through yesterday, so all we have left is to close on July 2. So excited!!!! Our landlords have been 'showing' our rental- we have had about 15 showings so far... which are NOT fun, as I clean and have the house spotless for them. We are trying to get out of our lease a little early (if they can find a suitable renter), so we figure the better we can make the rental look, the higher the chances of it being rented sooner than later. We will see I guess. I am soooo tired of cleaning this place! I did start putting some things in boxes this week for our move in 4 weeks, so that is fun ;)
Hazel had her first real therapy session last week. It went great! The speech therapist thought she is doing really well- and only needs help every other week, for hopefully just a few months. We have noticed a huge difference in Hazel's speaking lately, so we were not surprised. Although it is still difficult to understand many of her words, she is now talking all the time, which she wasn't really doing before. The more and more we understand, the more confident she gets and the more she tries. We are happy so far.
Classes started back up this week, so I am exhausted. Two online, and one FtF at 8 am Monday through Thursday for 8 weeks. It is nice to be among adults again for a few hours a day, but it does make my days really long, especially when hardly a night goes by when I don't have to get up at least once with one of our three munchkins.

And here it is, my new favorite picture of Wally. How can anyone look at this little guy and NOT smile?!?