Thursday, June 14, 2012

Parks and Packing

We tried out a new park last week. Always an adventure when I venture alone with the 3 kiddos, but it was nice. We ran into a boy that was on Gus's soccer team last summer, so the two boys had a good time playing together.

Here is Hazel making friends of her  own,

Gus and his bitty baseball team, along with their little cheerleader. It has been fun having Parker on the team too- and of course Josh coaching.

Gus stil says he wants to be a 'deer shooter' when he grows up. Here he is practicing his bow with his decoys (puppy, spiderman and turtle). Hazel is saving her kitty from target practice in this picture.

Hazel might be a little tree hugger- or animal rights activist- one day. She insisted on standing between Gus and his targets!

While packing this weekend we came accross Gus's old eye patches from a few years ago. They had fun playing with them.

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