Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hazel is better!

I still don't have time to update with pictures or videos, but in case you are wondering, Hazel is better. She still has diarrhea, but is eating and sleeping better and is smiling and laughing. It is so wonderful to have our little lady back!

She has been saying momomomomom and dadadadadadad when she wants Josh or I, and she nods "yes" and shakes her head "no" - such a smart "little giiiiiirlie" (as Gus calls her).

Downside- I am sick. I have had a temperature and have been vomiting all weekend, but will hopefully be able to work tomorrow. I must have gotten some variation of her stomach virus. We just can't get better!

Well, I will try hard to post some pictures in the next few days. Love and miss you all!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sick Little Lady

Sorry for the delay in posts, I have taken a few pics and videos lately, but have been very busy and sleepy, therefore, blogging has not been a priority. Little Hazel has been sick for several days. She has a horrible ear infection, some dehydration (her little hands and feet have even been blue off and on from it) and a gastrointestinal virus (which is causing the diarrhea). She has had diarrhea for 6 days, a temp for 4 days, for the last 5 days she has barely eaten more than 4 ounces of anything in each day (her sore ear is making sucking on a bottle impossible) , and she is in horrible spirits (crying, moaning, etc). Oh... and not sleeping at night. Josh and I are exhausted. We have both had to miss some work this week to keep her home. She is one sick little girl. I am really starting to get worried about her. If no improvement by Saturday, I am going to try and take her in again to the walk-in clinic. She does have a follow-up in a week and half but it is hard to wait that long. The antibiotic she is on is making the diarrhea worse, so nearly every diaper change also needs a clothing change. I will update you as she gets better.

She is not contagious believe it or not (since it is an ear infection) so she has gone to daycare yesterday and she will go part of the day today, but she just feels awful.

Gus is his normal, crazy, happy, funny self. Thank goodness (knock on wood while crossing fingers) he is not sick yet.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

I told Gus that I wouldn't help him open his Valentines presents from Gma and Papa D until daddy got home, so he decided he was going to open it himself. With his teeth. It was pretty funny.

He was so happy to open up his presents! Thank you so much Gma and Papa Dillavou!

Gus enjoyed opening Hazels gifts too. They each got new Clear Lake t-shirts, Gus got a movie, and Hazel got a book.

Hazel liked her fuzzy card.

In her new t-shirt from Gma D!

Hazel is so funny when she and Gus chase each other up and down the upstairs hall. She lowers her head and then crawls as fast as she can after her big brother. It is too cute!

I tried to get a good picture of them both in their new shirts, but this is the best I could do. These kids just do not want to get their picture taken together lately.

Gus loves his new t-shirt too!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

More Snow!?!?

We had another, yes another, huuuge snow storm in KC this past week. My colleges were closed Tuesday and Wednesday, and most primary/secondary schools were closed Thursday and some even cancelled on Friday too. We had a good 12 inches in 12 hours here in KC, but just 30 minutes south of KC got 23 inches in that time frame. This winter has been so unreal, in comparison to our normal winters.

Gus was amazed at how he could scratch designs into the frost on the front door window.

Mid storm Josh decided to get a start on clearing the driveway. This was a drift in our driveway- not his snow pile, and we received many more inches on top of this one.

Hazel has been scaring us with her attempts at stairs. Gus baiting her with piles of cereal around the landing doesn't help either!

"I got this mommy, don't be scared!"

Wrestling daddy!

All smiles! I had Strep this past week, and Josh went to the doctor today only to find out that he also has Strep, but somehow the kids have managed to miss it so far. They have been in happy moods lately.

"Cheese ball puffs are my favorite!"

Earlier tonight, eating her favorite 'beans' (as Gus calls peas).

Sporting his new Hawkeye jersey. The size 12 month one we have been squeezing him into just doesn't work anymore. It's probably too small for Hazel- she is such a tubber!

As I was trying to blog, Hazel really wanted my attention. You can see her top left front tooth just starting to poke through her gums. Oh my girl looks so tired in this one- she could barely keep her eyes open.

Stairs and laughs!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishes

I made this video last week and planned to upload it on Gma Sue's birthday on Feb 3, but Strep throat has hit our family this week. First me, now Josh (we think- he is going to go the doctor tomorrow), and we are just keeping our fingers crossed that the kids didn't catch it... I am finally today, 4 days after starting antibiotics, feeling like myself again (besides that I scratched my eye or something yesterday and have had crazy eye pain the last 24 hours!). But, I followed the advice of some medical websites last night and this morning, so it is starting to feel much better this afternoon. I did look pretty funny wearing Gus's old eye patches stuffed with cotton balls all day!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Grandma Sue! Gus wanted to make this video for you. We love you and miss you! Oh and Hazel has another present for you- today one of her top front teeth started breaking through.