Saturday, February 5, 2011

Belated Birthday Wishes

I made this video last week and planned to upload it on Gma Sue's birthday on Feb 3, but Strep throat has hit our family this week. First me, now Josh (we think- he is going to go the doctor tomorrow), and we are just keeping our fingers crossed that the kids didn't catch it... I am finally today, 4 days after starting antibiotics, feeling like myself again (besides that I scratched my eye or something yesterday and have had crazy eye pain the last 24 hours!). But, I followed the advice of some medical websites last night and this morning, so it is starting to feel much better this afternoon. I did look pretty funny wearing Gus's old eye patches stuffed with cotton balls all day!

Anyway, Happy Belated Birthday Grandma Sue! Gus wanted to make this video for you. We love you and miss you! Oh and Hazel has another present for you- today one of her top front teeth started breaking through.

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