Sunday, September 22, 2013

Cuddles, Hair Cuts, Karate

Never too old to snuggle with daddy.

My little lady and I- go Hawks!!!

Gus had his first night of karate this past week.

And the big news in our house is Hazel's self-inflicted hair cut last night. Half a head of hair is kind of the cool thing now-a-days, right? Rihanna? Miley Cirus? Pink? And Hazel. :)

Gus gets Panther Paws at school when he is caught doing a good deed. He cashed in 5 more Panther Paws today for a movie date with me. Nice guy that he is, he allowed Hazel to tag along. We saw Planes, pretty cute. They had a nice time! 

Walk Like a Panther

We had Gus's walk-a-thon this past Friday. He and I ran in his color run. He had so much fun. He smiled the entire run!

Fun and games after the run.

Gus with Garret, a neighbor boy he has gotten to be pretty good friends with recently. He ran the race with Gus and I. 

Three legged races!

Walter's Surgery

Walter finds the only puddle in the cul de sac, of course.

Walter will be getting ear plugs next Monday, September 30. At his last appointment with the specialist his ear drums were still very retracted. He also now has fluid in one of his ears. Lately he has been pulling on them so badly that one is cracked and pus-filled behind it. Poor guy. Josh and I are both taking the day off to help him recover. Wally is tough he'll be fine, and should be able to go to preschool the next day. I'll keep you all posted.

When the kids get ahold of my phone...

When the kids play with my phone there are many things that could happen... The front screen could shatter, the back glass panel could shatter, my twitter account starts tweeting Hello Kitty videos from Youtube, I somehow send strange illogical messages to non existent email accounts, my image identifications for my phone number contacts get scrambled... And although all of those things have happened, the most common event is that my camera roll becomes filled with pictures of random objects around the house...

And then my little photographer asked if she could get in one picture, so I obliged :)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Hazel's First Soccer Practice!

"I just want to go home and get out of this 95• weather, mommy!"

Gus was daddy's assistant coach at Hazel's practice tonight.

Hazel was so good at practice tonight! She listened, she waited patiently, she took turns and she was just the most adorable little lady I've ever seen. The kids on the team range from ages 3-5 (preK only 5s) and you would have never known that she isn't even even quite 3 1/2 years old. I'm so proud of her!

She couldn't contain her excitement.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spinach and Fish

This weekend we were very busy with fun family time. Josh had to work a few hours off and on on Saturday so I took the kids to the Lenexa Spinach Festival Saturday morning. I met a friend, Lindsey, there with her son Chaz. 

Walter and Chaz, very good buddies. He is 2, so and he goes back and forth between being best friends with Wally and Hazel.

There were lots of free crafts, face painting, bouncey houses, spinach injected food, and free samples at the festival. 

The face painter said she has never received a pink ninja turtle request before. My silly Hazel.

On Saturday afternoon Hazel went to her very first friend birthday party. Our neighbor girls Kourtney (age 3) and Katie (age 1) had a princess birthday party. Walter and Hazel and I walked over for the festivals. Boys were to dress like superheroes so Walter wore a spiderman shirt. Very fun!

And, after months of bribing and keeping track of good behavior, Gus finally earned pet fish! Introducing Paci, Panther Paw, and Goldie Dillavou. I'm not sure if Wally, Gus or Hazel are the most excited!

I didn't get pictures but we visited the Varner's today and watched the Chiefs kick butt. Great to see Kenny and Parker, the kids all had a blast spending time together.