Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Talent show contestants

Our neighborhood talent show last Friday night.

Walter cruising around with his girlfriend Katie.

Hazel the gymnist. 

Gus the scientist.

Walter didn't share a talent but was adorable. 

Gus assisted his friend Garret during his magic act.

 Unrelated to the show, here's one of Walter helping me make pancakes this weekend.

This is a picture of the strongest gal I know.

Potty Time!

I was going to post this picture on Facebook, but decided Walter would probably kill me one day for it. Not sure what's cuter- the fact that he is eating an apple or watching a show while he poops. This last month has been super potty boot camp. This week has gone great! Day 4 of all poops on the pot and very few wet accidents the last two weeks. Yesterday he held in pee for 15 minutes in the car. It took a little longer to train him than with the other two kiddos, but I think he finally has it.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Go Royals!

Gus chalked I <3 Royals in the pavement during our little family tailgate. So cute.

Nothing says tailgate like grilling hotdogs.

A helpful Walter. 

Our own version of the Kiss Cam.

All silliness!

The Little K Merry Go Round.

Little K splash pad.

July 10, 2014.

4th of July in Clear Lake

Dillavou Cousin fun! Gotta love the bomb pops.

Spratt Cousin fun!

Happy Independence Day!

You can't tell from this picture, but I swear- the did have fun at the parade... They were just a little impatient for it to begin.

More Dillavou Cousin fun.

We browsed through books of possible face tattoo images of beautiful butterflies, elaborate flowers and fairies, some even airbrushed on. Nope. What did she pick? Batman. Love my Hazel.

Gus loved the carnival food. Walter ate some, but Hazey wouldn't even try it.

She did, however, enjoy the rides.

And it isn't the 4th in Clear Lake without watching the fireworks.

Walter kept saying, "fire trucks! Fire trucks!" It just melted my heart. He fell asleep snuggled on my lap about ten minutes in. He had been awake the entire fun-filled day, so I was just glad he got to see some of the fireworks. I knew he'd love it.

Pontoon with uncle Nick and papa Randy (or just "Randy" according to Wally) and Gma Sue. 

Hanging out on a kayak at our friend Kate's cabin.

More pontoon and even a picnic by the beach with Gma Paulette and papa Pat.

Isn't she the most beautiful thing you've ever seen?

Gus isn't a fish when it comes to water- especially lake water- but he did like making sand castles.

"Ewwwe! There's sand on my fingers!"

Captain Walter.

This is what I get when I ask them to smile for a picture. I think I may be taking too many pictures this summer...

Family photo opp. July 6, 2014.