Friday, August 29, 2008

Gus' cute big boy outfit

When I got home from work this morning, daddy had Gus in the cutest outfit! He looked like such a big boy that I had to get some pictures of it. It's a 9 month one that I am glad daddy tried on him, cause it already fits and now we can get some good use out of it.

No major plans for the weekend... just gonna hang out. Josh has a fantasy football draft tonight (last one finally!) so it will be just me and Gus. I am having some tailbone issues today, so thank goodness I had some codine (sp?) left from when Gus was born. I don't know what I did, but man does it hurt. I don't think I could lift up Gus, let alone walk up the stairs with him, if I didn't have this medicine in me right now!

I'll try to take lots of pics this weekend so you can all see what we did! Happy three day weekend!

New Video

So this isn't the most exciting video, but of the ones I taped last night, it is the only one I can upload. I think our internet connection is too slow to process anything more than a few seconds long.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Busy Week

Sorry I haven't had the chance to update the blog in a few days, we have been very busy with daycare issues and now some work issues for me, hopefully it will all work out. Long story short, we are down to 12 hours a week for daycare, and one of my colleges is cutting back on my classes next semester and probably from now on, so I am going to start checking out the job market in a few weeks. Maybe I'll find another school to add into my schedule, or maybe I'll find something new all together. I have plenty of time though, so it will be okay. Anyway, I will update you with pics of my beautiful little man soon! He is so cute!

Tonight Gus has been laughing and laughing, he sure loves when mommy talks to him. He likes Sandy, his daycare lady too, and the last two days I picked him up, he smiled every time she talked. It is comforting to see that he likes her. I think daddy is getting jealous that Gus laughs at mommy for doing nothing other than even just saying his name :)

A little while ago I tried to upload a few videos with no success, so I will try again tomorrow afternoon. He was bouncing so fast in his bouncey seat and he was 'reading' a book and it was so cute I had to record him. He gets his right leg going to fast that is almost looks like he is going to fall out of the chair! He development is so fun to watch, I am amazed every day.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A few more quick pics...

So tonight after my previous post, since we received more of Cade's clothes from Matt and Jenni this weekend (thank you thank you thank you!), I decided to go through Gus' closet and see what fits him, what is too small, and what will fit later. Here is Gus in his (12 month!) hunting sleeper from Papa Randy, and hunting cap from Uncle Nick. TOOoooooo cute! I can't believe this stuff fits him! It is perfect timing though, cause it is lightweight and many of his sleepers are too heavy for this current season. Man our little man is big!

I am not sure why he is throwing out gang signs in this picture.... He must be shouting out to his new homie Kamden...

As usual, Gus laughing at mommy. She is just too silly.

Here is a nice one of Gus' favorite accessory. No not the hat... his drool.

Grandma Paulette got Gus these tiny little flip flops a few months ago, and now they finally fit. He's definitely ready to walk now that he has some flips :)

Since Gus has been drooling like crazy lately I decided, tonight, to give him this little blanket from one of his showers. Ever since, I can't get it out of his hands... or his mouth... He loves it! I can hear him sucking on it when it is in his mouth. I just laid him down for bed and pried it out of his little fingers and it is soaked with drool!

A not-so-huge-yet-significant milestone

So, last minute on Friday, mommy decided to ride back to Clear Lake with daddy. He had a fantasy football party (in fact he is at another one tonight here in KC and has two more this week!) on Saturday so mommy thought it would be a nice time to visit with family. And Gus was really excited to see his grandparents. So we left on Friday afternoon and just got back a few hours ago. Worth it but I am exhausted and am sure it will take a few days to catch up. Gus got to see Kacy, Andi, Rian, Avery and Cade this weekend. And of course got to see each of his grandparents and get some quality time in with them too.Gus has had a very small, but tear-enticing-for-mommy, milestone. Over the weekend, Gus started grabbing links and toys on his own, with actually meaning to grasp them! He stares and stares and stares at them and then, with very little dexterity I must admit, clumsily grasps the object of his intention and hangs on to it with all the might he can muster! A few minutes ago he grabbed onto the lion attached link pictured above (on his own and with no help from mommy this time) and pulled it so that it played music! Mommy didn't even realize what had happend until half the song was done playing and realized that he did it ALL BY HIMSELF! This all went on for about 30 minutes and then he crashed, and is now napping in his crib. That was a lot of work for our little man!
He is growing up so fast. He prefers to sit (well be propped up at least, it isn't really sitting when he still face plants every time he gets excited, LOL) rather than lie down. We are working on balance excercises every day. He kicks and kicks in his pack n play and vibrating seat so that the mobiles move. He is just so darn smart. And the smiles are so so so huge and contagious. Time is flying by so fast. Hard to believe that he is nearly 3 1/2 months old. I can't wait to see all the new things he will be doing once another month has passed! Well, not much happening this week for mommy. Just work and time with the Gus man. This coming weekend we are planning on laying low and spending time together as a fam. We have a few busy weekends coming up so it will be nice to relax and prepare for those.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

It finally happend...

It's so funny that bowel movements are of major conversation in regards to the daily happenings in the life of an infant... But regardless, just thought I'd update those of you who talked to us with advice over the last few days and to comfort those of you concerned (mostly the grandmas...), at 8:15 this evening Gus finally pooped. Six days is a long time to go between 'movements' so you can imagine the chore mommy had when it happend... totally worth it though, the little man is happy, laughing and no longer having signs of constipation. If you want any more details, you'll have to email or call me. As interesting as I am sure you think this is, I refuse to post any information regarding texture or color on the blog :)

15 Weeks Old!

Sorry, many of these pics are similar, but I just couldn't decide which ones to post! Here is the little man after his bath last night. He was sooooo adorable. He sure does love bathtime.

We think he looks a lot like daddy in this one.

Here is his huge smile! I love it sooo much when he does it, my heart just melts every time.

Sorry to be short, the little man is screaming in the back ground right now. But, daycare is going well this week. He is adjusting well. He is having some pooping issues, or lack there of, so if anyone had any suggestions, please let us know. Tomorrow will be one whole week without going number 2 :( Talk more later!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Gus' First Chiefs Game!

We brought Gus to his first Chiefs game on Saturday night. He had so much fun! The Chiefs played the Arizona Cardinals. Mommy and daddy have to admit that it was a lot different going to a game with Gus, arriving later with no tailgating, nursing in the car, and being super nervous the whole time. But it was worth it and Gus did great. He was awake, alert and happy the whole time we were there.
Picture perfect!

The cutest picture ever!

We had really good seats. It was nice that we were a little lower, less drunk people to worry about!

Gus basically entertained himself the whole game by chewing on his burp cloth. He drools so much lately! Before we went to the game we stopped by a friend of daddy's house to tell him happy 30th birthday who has a six month old little boy names Will. Gus drools so much more than him and was his size! In fact, they are in the same size clothes.

All tuckered out.

Brad and Josh went to two concerts, shopping, and had some good Gus time while mommy went to work Thursday night and Friday morning. On guys night out, Brad, daddy and Gus went to Cabella's, Legends mall, and of course, Hooters. They even gave him a bath while mommy was at school on Friday!

Mommy and daddy like what they ordered at Old Chicago, but Gus wasn't so sure...

Gus got his first look at the Chiefs cheerleaders!

KC Wolf was so close we almost said hello. Maybe when Gus is a little older.

Church this morning was nice. Gus was awake the whole time, and got little fussy, but daddy took him in the back and got him to fall asleep. Afterward we stopped at Sports Nutz at Legends and exchanged a Hawkeye sweatshirt for the little man. We had bought a 6 month one before he was born for this fall, but since it is already too small for him, we got a 12 month one for the upcoming Hawkeye fall and winter sport season.

Gus goes to daycare Monday morning for the first time, so everyone, please think of him (and mommy and daddy too!). Luckily it will only be for a few hours each day, so it should all be okay. Other than that, mommy goes back to work, and our new life as a family, with a regular schedule, officially begins.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We met Sandy

Gus and I just got back from meeting with Sandy, his new daycare provider. She was very nice and excited for Gus to start. We dropped off all of his items, like diapers, bottles, back up clothes, and mommy's milk, and we all ready to go for next week. Mommy and daddy are a little nervous cause Gus will only be the baby for about a month, when a six week little girl starts up. But that is okay, mommy and daddy just need to put a little more faith in the daycare world and understand that everyone goes to daycare. Even mommy did as a little girl and she turned out alright (although some might argue that is up for debate... LOL...).
Gus wore his cute little outfit from aunt Lindsey, and boy was he a knockout! He was the cutest one there of course. Crazy that he is wearing six month clothes now.
Daddy was able to talk Brad into coming down to KC tonight through Saturday morning. They are going to go to a Linkin Park concert tonight and Jack Johnson on Friday night. Boy is daddy lucky, and owes mommy big time.
Well, that is what we are up to. Gus has slept through the night the last two nights, so that is always a blessing. He is getting more and more regular as far as schedules go, and we sure to love our little man. Will be in touch soon I am sure.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gus and the Olympics

Gus had a bath this morning and boy did he like it! He smiled the whole time and got so excited that he peed all over mommy! Here is my little sumo wrestler just airing out after his bath. I let him hang out nakey for about 30 minutes (since I knew that he had already peed!) and he loved it. I don't blame him, those diapers have got to get pretty old.

Smile smile smile. That seems to be about 75 percent of what Gus does these days. He gets laughing kinda hard and chuckles and it is so adorable. A few days ago he got laughing so hard that he shot milk out of his nose! Mommy is going to miss these moments when he goes to daycare next week :(

After his bath, I got him dressed and we played for awhile in his vibrating bouncer, which he continues to love. He enjoys when you talk to him and coo back at him when he coo's at you- kind of like a conversation without words.

Gus really likes watching TV. The different colors and shapes really seem to entertain him. Here is our little man watching his new favorite program, the Olympics. He likes the swimming events the best, although last night he had a nice time watching the men's gymnastics team vie for a medal (which they got, a bronze, which was great!).

Monday, August 11, 2008

Getting ready for Hawkeye Football

Gus is into most of his 6-9 month sleepers now, and we were so excited that this one from cousin Kennedy fits. Gus is getting excited to see the Iowa Hawkeyes play some football on TV this year, and daddy was excited to see that Sports Illustrated has the Hawks finishing with a winning season, even in the running for a bowl game. I guess we'll see... We are planning on coming to Iowa City to tailgate for the Iowa vs Iowa State game on September 13th.

Buster has decided that his new favorite place to sit is on top on mommy's scrapbooks. At least someone is enjoying them.

Go Hawkeyes!

Gus posing for a picture with a couple of his good friends... He especially likes Mr. Worm lately (mommy and daddy already have most of the songs memorized).

I go back to a regualr work schedule next week (actually my first class is on Friday morning) and Gus starts daycare on the 18th. We are getting a little nervous, but it will be good for our little man to meet some new friends and good for mommy to get back to her routine. Our savings account is also excited for mommy to get back to work...wink wink...

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Back online!

I guess this is the captain Morgan pose?!?!?! That is what Josh told me anyway...

It was great to see Lynn. It had been so long. She looks great by the way. She was the photographer at the wedding (and sister-in-law to the couple of course!). And if you look in the background, you can see where the mystery shrimp cocktail went... looks like the groom ate them, even though they had been sitting out for hours! Hope he wasn't sick the next day....

Awwww :)

At the wedding reception this weekend.

Scott is totally ready to be a daddy! He was great with Gus. Scott was surprisingly a natural! We are so excited for him and Amanda to have their baby in October. And Amanda looks great for being 30 weeks. She was quite the trooper at the reception too, they stayed out pretty late. I was impressed. I remember being that preggo and hating being out with a bunch of drunks. Kudos to her!

Josh, Jeremiah and Scott.

Me and Amanda.

Me, Amanda and Lisa...

Josh, Brad and Jared

Last weekend we went back to Clear Lake for Chris Treloar's wedding. It was outdoor, at McIntosh Woods, and the weather was great (minus the mosquitos) and right before sunset. The day before the wedding we went out on the pontoon with some friends and out to eat at the Muskie afterward. It was a lot of fun. There were more of us out on the lake, but I remembered to take pictures after some people had already been dropped off.

Me, Kate and Amanda (Kate's friend)


Matt and Jenni gave us a bunch of Cade's old clothes, and boy did Gus look cute in them! He already fits into most of them. Here he is in a cute little hat (to hide his bald head) and a bear sleeper. Absolutely adorable. He has already worn many of the sleepers and onsies and pants this week. Thank you!

This week our internet has been down. We had a storm that fried our ethernet box, but the cable tech was able to rig us up something through the USB port this afternoon so we don't have to buy a new box.

Wes Pueggel and his girlfriend Mallory came to KC for a Royals game and stayed with us last night. They are Boston fans (boooooooo) and unfortunately got to see them win last night.

Well, Gus is crying so I better go... Oh... Rachel and Lane had their baby boy this morning! Kamden Charles Smith was born around 9:30 am and weighed almost 9 pounds! Yikes! Check out their blog, I am sure they will have updates soon...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Will be on again soon...

I have been trying all day to download pictures from this weekend... I will try again tomorrow, I am not sure what is going on... So keep checking back! We will have updated pictures from boating, the wedding and the Gus man very soon~