Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Goats, God and Playdough

A BIIIIG Hehe, Gus and Daddy at Deanna Rose Farm on Saturday. This was Gus's first time there this year and he loved it. He could enjoy the animals so much more now that he is a bit older.

Hazel's very first time there- and oh boy was it a hot one!

Feeding the miniature goats.

Gus felt much more secure with a fence between the goats and himself. The goats are a little aggressive and although I wouldn't say he was scared to be in their pen, I would say that he liked feeding them with a little safetly net protecting him.

My little sunflower.

Gus thought the turkeys were hilarious! I don't know if it was because they looked a little funny or what- but he enjoyed laughing at them.

Daddy and Gus in the wooden fort at one of the playgrounds.

Mommy and Gus in the milking barn. He wasn't a huge fan of sitting on the saddle.

After church on Sunday we had a little photo session since the kiddos looked so cute. Gus was an angel at church- well if you can redefine the word angel a little bit- and we were so proud of him. He finally behaved. Up until this point, he had earned no score higher than a... C, maybe a C (if he were earning letter grades). He earned a solid B on Sunday- now that's improvement :)

Gus loves his peaches!

Gus is huge fan of playdough.

Of course, there isn't enough room on the table, so we had to move the playdough project to the kitchen floor.

This has been a busy week for us. It is my last week of summer classes (thank goodness as I have been really overwhelmed). We put the kids in daycare this week so that Josh and I could both work. This weekend Kate and Mike are visiting us and we are going to a Royals game and the zoo. In two weeks we have our McCollom family vacation in Branson for about a week and then shortly after that Pat and Paulette, and Beth and Jim are coming to visit. And then classes start up for the fall. I guess this is what summer is all about- busy, busy, busy.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Out on the Lake

During a nap last week Gus and Hazel's little toes were touching. It was pretty adorable.

Captain Gus.

'Bma' and Gus

Hazel's first pontoon ride.

Even Josh jumped in for a swim.

While we were out on the lake a storm hit. A pretty bad one. We were stuck under the lift cover waiting for it to let up for a good 30 minutes- maybe longer. But, good news, I saw my first double rainbow ever!

Brandi came to Ventura to visit.

We went in the beach and swam in the lake. Gus loved it!

Gus got to ride in Papa's 'Vette.

My little angel.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fun in CL and KC

We finally took a picture of Hazel with great-grandma Thompson for the baby book.

In CL last weekend we went to a BBQ and blues event at the Clear Lake City Park. Gus did not last long. His hives were horrible and his disposition even worse. Poor guy. I think this was the first time that Josh and I were truly embarrassed by his behavior. I know he felt miserable though, he just wasn't himself.

And sweet little Hazel slept through the whole thing.

Grandma Sue had taken Gus to the Cerro Gordo County fair when he stayed with her last week. He loved it so much that Josh and I took him again over the weekend.

He loved the chickens!

A fresh egg. I tried to explain where it came from to Gus. Oh boy was that a pointless conversation. Maybe in another year :)

And our little sheriff also loved the rabbits. A lot.

Daddy did not love the gift the livestock barn left on our stroller tire. As Gus would say, "P U, No way, uh uh, icky, stinky, yucky."

We had lunch at the OP in CL afterward.

Later that day Avery and Cade came over the grandma Paulette's for some good cousin time.

Once again, Gus loved the slip n slide. He likes water and water toys so much.

Hazel hung out with me in the shade.

With many of the cousins, Gus's eye patch is something of much curiosity. Avery and Cade were excited when the patch came off in the water because then they got to try it on.

Later that night we boiled up some Iowa sweet corn and had Barrel Chicken. Josh was pretty excited to have the OP and the Barrel in one day- those are his two favorite places to eat when we are back home.

Shucking corn.

On the way back to KC on Sunday, Hazel tried on Gus's old sunglasses. He doesn't get to wear sunglasses anymore, so she might as well enjoy them. Cute little bug!

Gus playing with the fountains at Legends shopping center.

Brea and Josi came back to KC with us to watch the kids this week while we worked during the day. They have been a huge help and seem to be having a lot of fun too. On their first night in KC we had to get some ice cream- they needed something fun to do after that 5 hour car ride.

One afternoon after I got off work we played with play dough. Gus made this 'creation' completely by himself. It was so creative and cute that I had to take a picture of it.

Gus riding the "He he" (that's a horse if you don't speak Gus).

One night I took the girls to a 3D movie, and last night we had a little softball practice in the backyard.

Mr. Freeze's afterward.

Hazel enjoyed hanging out with daddy.

Earlier today I took the girls shopping. We grilled (and had watermelon!) for super and then Josh took the girls to an entertainment facility, where they raced go carts, played mini golf and enjoyed arcade games. We had a busy four days with Josi and Brea, and Gus will miss them very much. When Josh left with them tonight, Gus asked me several times, "Where girls go?".