Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July in Clear Lake

Gus had fun at the carnival. He was a little young for most of the rides, and many of the little ones don't allow adults, but he was able to sneak onto this one. Even though he was a good 6 inches shorter than the required height, he rode this car alone. We were so proud of him!'

Like father like son.

Gus picked a duck from the baby pool pond and of course chose a sword as his prize. Little did I know it wasn't just a cute green sword- that was only the case. Inside was a sharp, metallic weapon that Gus nailed Josh and I on the back of the head with several times from his car seat. Yep, that toy was quickly taken away. I would like to thank his Godfather Jared for Gus's newfound love of "Hiyas" (his name for swords). Jared's wife Lisa is expecting, so you can be sure the favor will be returned very soon :)

We decided to walk along the beach before leaving the carnival, but never quite got to it. Gus found this spray fountain first and loved running through it.

He loved running through it so much that we had to strip him down to his diaper. We probably looked a little white trashy, but hey, he had a blast.

Hazel in her new shirt from Gus.

We were able to go to Shae and Josilin's softball games while we were back. They are quite the athletes and we are very proud of them both. Hazel had a nice time as well.

Group hug, or shall I say "biiiiig" hug from Gus.

Josh's brother Matt had a 4th of July party. Amanda, Scott and Preston stopped by. Pres has grown so much since we saw him last! And what a cutie. He has a lot of energy, much like his buddy Gus. He kept Scott pretty busy :)

Here is Jack, Will and Steph Pueggel's youngest son. We hadn't seem him since he was a newborn- they grow up so fast.

Hazey had fun at the party too.

Preston, Jack and Hazel. The boys are fighting over her already!

Hazel had a little...or shall I say big... explosion at the party, and it had nothing to do with fireworks. Needless to say, the cute 4th of July outfit didn't last long. But she had a nice time sunbathing in her diaper.

Avery and Hazel.

Brea taking good care of Hazel.

Josi showing Gus how to use some of the kiddie fireworks. Josi and Brea will be coming to KC next week to help us watch the kids while I work during the day.

Zach teaching Ty how to use sparklers.

Andi and Gus at the fireworks, snuggled warm in his puppy blanket.

Daddy and Gus at the fireworks. Gus is repeatedly chanting, "I nee mowa" which translates to "I need more," or in polite translation, "More fireworks please." He didn't understand that they had to come to an end.

After the fireworks, Kennedy and Gus played with some sparklers with Papa Randy.

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The Thomsons said...

Traci - It is funny to hear that Gus was 6 inches (or more) short of the height requirement because when I asked if I could ride with Isaac, the guy said no. Then he asked how old he was. I said 14 months and he told me aww he'll be fine. I'll buckle him in real tight for ya. I politely said no thanks and quickly walked away. Good thing they have those restrictions in place! Carnies - gotta love 'em!