Sunday, October 20, 2013

ChiefsWin Again!


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Annual Simoneau Halloween Party 2013

Costumes and Playtime

My high school friends came to KC the same night that Josh went to the NBA exhibition game that was in town last weekend. Lindsey volunteered to watch the kids- thank you! Hazel had fun dressing up in Parker's Captain America costume from last year.

My friends and I visited the Reassiance Festival so I bought some fun dress up souvenirs for the kids. Gus got a sword but liked Hazels bangle skirt better :)

Hazel and I being twins. Lately she calls me her big sister and she's my little sister and insists we dress alike. It's cute. Everyday she reminds me that (in a moment of weakness) I told her she can have a baby sister when she turns five years old. I hope she can forget I said that in the next year and a half!

I had one lone tomato this year. It has grown so late in the season that I'm not sure it'll make it to the color red. We brought it in last night hoping that we can get it to grow indoors since it's starting to get so cold outside.

Walter loves sitting on the table. He is such a monkey. There is no stopping him. If I put the chairs on the table he goes to another room and pushes one into the kitchen to stand on as a "ladder". 

The kids are good. Hazel has one more soccer game since this past week was cancelled due to poor weather. 

Gus has a few more weeks of karate and then Josh is coaching him on a basketball team of some of the boys in his kindergarten class. We had his first parent-teacher conference this week and it went well. He is right on track. 

Walter is 21 months. He is so vocal- and loud! Since he had his tubes put in a few weeks ago he is trying to talk so much- and loves to practice using volume in his voice. He is such a sponge. He can point to and identify his hands, head, ears, nose, eyes and mouth. He helps me dress and undress himself. He is very interested in toilet training, so we will definitely train him when he turns two. He says please, thank you, love you, bye bye, night night, mommy, daddy, Haz, Gus, water, juice, snack, banana, pee pee, mine, that, me, in, various animal sounds, and so many other words. He mimcs words and sounds tunes to songs like ABCs, the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Hot Dog song, Katy Perry's Eye of the Tiger song and a few others. He knows some of our food blessing prayer. His teacher swears that he can identify and name some letters. I noticed he has started to put two words together like "night mommy." I remember that Hazel could only say about three words TOTAL when she turned 2, we were actually worried about her so she worked with a therapist until she started using more words. It is kind of crazy that he knows so much because we never have the time to work with him like we did the other two. Osmosis I guess!

Oh and if anyone wants fish- our Mollie gave birth again this week. I've seen at least 4 tiny new babies. There's probably more, but they hide in the rocks til their bigger. Last time she gave birth 7 survived. Our aquarium is way too small! When she is done having babies we will be donating her children back to the pet store.

Well there's an update. Things are busy as usual.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Painting

Sleepover for Hazel at Aunt Lindsey's house last weekend! Parker stayed with us.

We made bracelets as a craft a few nights ago.

Tonight we painted tiny pumpkins. The kids had a blast!