Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doc appt went well

Just a quick note... Gus went to the doc this morning for his 6 month check up and it went well. He weighs just under 20 pounds and is 27.5 inches long, both in the 75 %ile. I had to leave him with daddy and go to work before they started the shots, but it is a few hours later and I haven't heard anything so they must have gone okay. Poor little fella!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Astronaut Gus

Astronaut Gus, ready for take-off!

Luckily we didn't have any emergency landings, but I think he is a bit too little for this toy. In a few months though, he will probably be a pro!

An up close picture of this cute scooter that daddy's friend and the YMCA gave Gus. Thanks Wayman!

The messiest mess so far. Gus loves Gerber Graduates teething biscuits and puffs.

Daddy exchanged Gus' black Jordans for more economical white ones.

This weekend we ran lots of errands, and it was great because daddy could come with us. He is officially off on Saturdays for a month or so. Yesterday we had Gus' six month photo session and our family picture taken. We had Christmas cards made, so many of you will be receiving those in the next few weeks. We think everything turned out nice, and were pretty affordable. We went to JCPenney's and in spite of it being very busy, were happy with the results. We, of course, bought waaay too many pictures. But is was Gus' first ones, so we had to right???

We are very excited to go home for Thanksgiving. We will be back Wednesday through Sunday and would love to see as many of you as we can if you will be back too. Our plan is to be in the Jefferson/Grand Junction area on Wednesday and the Clear Lake area the rest of the time.

This will probably be the last post until afterward, but who knows :) See many of you very soon!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Big Boy

We have been trying to make Gus take a binky lately, instead of him chewing on his hands.

Gus looked like such a big boy today. He sported his new jeans from Gma Sue (a much needed early Christmas present!). Thanks, he loves them :)

Giggle Monster

Gus thought it was so funny that I had his binky in my mouth. I was trying to teach him how to use it. He laughed for about 5 minutes straight! Here is a very short little clip of his hysterical giggling!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Papa Randy's Birthday

Gus' first trip to the OP in Clear Lake. The first of many I am sure.

Gus getting Rian's nose.

Avery getting Bunny Ears from Rian.

Papa Pat gave Gus his first bottle. Of beer that is :) Just kidding. This picture was taken by a social worker, so we aren't bad parents, we swear! It was so funny how Gus kept reaching for it and pulling his mouth toward it. He's a natural.

Cade and Gus eating together.

Kennedy and Tiger.

Us gals ate at Chilli's on Saturday. We discovered that Kenny loves corn on the cob.

Papa Randy with his birthday cake.

Kennedy teaching Gus how to play with his new apparatus. She looked a little confused herself.

Gus loves his new Jumparoo. Thanks Kennedy for letting us borrow it!

On Sunday Gus got to meet daddy's friend from high school Jack and his wife Jen.

So I guess I lied about leaving the camera in Iowa. I realized that it could be in the diaper bag and it was. Now I get to share these pictures with you sooner!
It is hard to believe that it is already Wednesday. Time sure does fly lately. Josh works a lot this week, so Gus and I are getting some good mommy/baby time in. No big plans. Tonight he'll take a bath and tomorrow we might try peaches for the first time. Pretty soon we'll have to get some pureed meats and other stage 3 foods for Gussie. He has been chewing on crackers
pretty good and even has had a few crushed up goldfish (thanks gma Paulette!). He seems to be getting better and better at drinking from a sippy cup; soon he'll have enough coordination to be a pro.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gus is so much better!

Gus is so much better! His rash is almost completely gone, so we rescheduled his 6 month photos for next Monday. We are going to have our family picture taken that day as well. Next Tuesday he has his 6 month check-up, albeit a few weeks late. More shots- yuck!

We have taken my sister's advice and not had the monitor on the last two nights, and he has slept through the last two nights entirely! I can hear him when he starts to get fussy in the morning through the bedroom wall, but I no longer hear and wake up to every little sound he makes. We are getting so much more sleep and have not had to feed him a bottle during the night since we got back from Iowa.

And, I think I forgot my camera in Iowa this weekend, so unless it shows up, there won't be any pictures until after Thanksgiving. But I will keep posting updates as usual. We got so many good ones of Gus with his cousins... I am disappointed I can't share them with you yet! You'll have to be patient :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Battle of the Rubber Ducky

Yay! I got this to post! Gus had fun splashing Mr. Ducky last night during his bath.

Hide and Go Seek

We sometimes forget to include our first child, Buster, in our posts, so this one's for him. Last night he was so adorable! Josh and I were discussing something and we looked over and Buster had crawled under Joshs' vest lying on the bed and was peeking out of the arm hole. It was so funny! Such a frisky kitty.
I am trying to upload some cute videos of Gus in the bath last night, but am having trouble. I will try to upload them into my facebook account so that you can see them :) I'll try here again later as well.
This morning has been pretty crazy. Yesterday Gus started getting a rash, and this morning he is covered head to toe with tiny little red dots, like hundreds of them. I took him to the doc and they are not the obvious culprit, chicken pox, like we had thought. They are just a non-contagious rash that comes in some infants a week or two after they have a virus. There is nothing we can do to make them go away, and they don't bother him and should not cause a fever. So, since he is not contagious, even though this ugly rash could be around for several days, we are still going to come home this weekend. The doctor said that there was no reason to change our plans. I did, however, cancel his 6 month portrait for later today (today is his 6 month birthday!) since I don't want his picture taken with little spots all over his face. Hopefully his daycare provider will take him back on Monday, I guess it just depends on if the spots go away or not. We'll have to see!
We should have tons of pics to post after the weekend! Love and miss you all~

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sure is getting cold out there

Checking out the toy adds.

Ripping apart the toy adds.

Basically covered in drool.

Playing the air guitar.

Or... "Fat guy in a little sweatshirt" (it's actually size 12 months). I couldn't decide which caption I liked best :)

Brrr... is it cold or what?!?!! This weekend was nice; we stayed inside in the cozy warmth of our house. Gus and I cuddled a lot this weekend. Saturday got long, as Josh was at YMCA obligations from 7 am to 12:00 am, but Gus and I survived. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see the Hawkeye game on TV, but we heard it was a good one.
We are all feeling better and back to normal, health-wise. Hopefully that will be the only round of sickness we all get this flu season. Each of us had slightly different symptoms, but we all got a version of the stomach flu.
Gus has his first professional pictures on Thursday, which is also his 6 month birthday. I can hardly believe that I have a six month old. Life has gone by so quickly over the last year.

We are considering going home to Iowa this weekend, since Josh has weekends off until the middle of January. We are just a little restless and miss our families very much. We also want everyone to see how big Gus is getting; he is just growing and growing.

The six month summary: He loves to laugh, grab for anything within his body's radius, chew on whatever he can fit in his mouth, and is still a big fan of squash. He wears mostly 12 month clothes now and is a very happy little man. He sleeps through most nights, but does like to get up a little bit earlier than mom and dad like to :)

Oh and the big news around here is that he seems to be getting a tooth. Daddy thinks mommy is crazy, but if you look very closely at his top front teeth, you can see a tiny itty bitty little white speck. I don't remember it being there before and I check his teeth all the time (especially since he has been a little bit more drooly and fussy than normal over the last few weeks).

Well, that's what we've been up to. Be in touch soon ~

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Gus' Ultrasound

We never got the chance to share this picture with anyone, since we kept Gus' sex a secret, so I thought I'd show you all now. Lindsey having a boy reminded me that I had never shown this picture. Can you find the important organ??

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's a boy!

Good news, Lindsey is having a boy! We are so excited for her. Gus and his new little cousin will be less than a year apart, so they will get to have lots of fun together!

Bad news, I have been sick the last few days, stomach flu and horrible headache. I could barely move yesterday; Josh had to come home and watch Gus cause I was too sick. I did teach this morning, and probably shouldn't have, but it is now the weekend. I feel better today, but not great. Many of my students have had the stomach flu lately, so I am sure I picked it up from one of them. Last November I had the stomach flu too, must be my month to get sick I guess :)

We'll update you all after the weekend. And stay warm, it is cold out there!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sick but Happy

When he was sick last week, even when he had a cold rag on his head to keep his temp down, he was still a great baby, and tried very hard to be his normal happy self.

Laughing Baby

Gus and I were just sitting by the TV the other day and he just started laughing. It took very little for me to keep him going!

Recent Video

Buster and Gus were hanging out and all of a sudden Buster decided he wasn't too happy about it, so he slowly backed away :) The two still seem to be doing well together.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm a Little Birdie

We got some new toys out this weekend. Gus is starting to get big enough for plastic trucks and chunky miniature people toys.

He was very disappointed when the Longhorns lost this past weekend.

Gus got a package in the mail on Saturday from Nama and Papa Dillavou. This cool phone was one of the Halloween presents he got. Thanks! Mommy tried to show him how to use it.

But all he wanted to do was chew on it.

They also sent him some new books. He really likes this one; it has mirrors on every page!

This morning we mixed a little banana baby food with Gus' cereal and he LOVED it. He acted just like a little birdie with his mouth wide open.

Daddy does the 'airplane' when he feeds Gus; here is a successful landing.

Sunday morning, probably because of daylight savings, Gus got up at 5 am. I fed him cereal around 7 am. As I was scraping the last of the cereal onto his spoon, I looked up and saw that the little man had fallen asleep, mid meal! It was so cute. I guess 5 am was too early for him.

Eating daddy's hair on Sunday night.

Trying to wrestle daddy!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat

Our neighbor Shannan brought Gus over a cute Halloween outfit this week. Thanks so much! He wore it on Halloween and looked adorable!

I was soooo nervous to take this picture, but daddy is about a foot away from Gus and was ready to jump in if he looked wobbly. I swear he looks like he is about 2 years old standing beside this pumpkin! I really think that he is going to walk early. He loves to stand, and is a pro at sitting now. He can roll, but chooses not to because it takes too much effort (I don't blame him, he is pretty chubby!).

Can you believe this costume is size 2T-3T?!?!?! And Gus is only 5 1/2 months old!

Too much Candy! Gus took a little nap during part of the trick or treating.

Gus chewing on a Twizzler before the kids came to the door.

Daddy giving Gus a smoocher.

He loved looking at the trees outside. He likes to look at different colors.

We had to cancel our Halloween plans since Gussie had been sick. We were supposed to go out to eat with another family, but had to reschedule. Mommy was really looking forward to going out to eat, but we didn't want to risk it with Gus.
Gus has been feeling better. He hasn't had a temperature since Thursday. He has slept through the last few nights again. Friday morning he had the last of the virus go through his 'system' (into his diaper!) which luckily daddy got to be home for and not mommy :) Yesterday his rash got worse, but this morning it seems to be mostly gone; it was all over his back, head and tummy. What a mean old virus he caught!