Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Preston Kyle is here!

Gus during his bath last night. We now give them in the big tub (and little tub!) and no longer in the kitchen sink. He is just too big for the sink!

I just took this a few minutes ago. He is zonked out after his bottle. At least now I can get a few things done! Doesn't he look adorable in his big boy outfit?!?!

Scott and Amanda had their baby boy yesterday around noon! His name is Preston Kyle, not sure of the spelling. We are so excited to see pictures! He weighed around 7-8 pounds and is happy and healthy. We hear mom is doing good too. Daddy (Scott) sounded very excited! Keep checking their blog, as they are sure to update it soon.

This week is going fine. Gus hasn't broken any teeth yet, but he is not sleeping well at all the last few nights and is drooling like crazy. We wouldn't be surprised if it happens really soon. I have heard though that they can go through this for months before any teeth arrive, so who knows. He has another little cold, but it doesn't seem to bother him. Talk more later~

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another relaxing weekend

My friend Amy and her daughter Kaylyn came over on Saturday morning and they, Gus and I all went for a walk around the neighborhood. The kids got along great. Next Saturday if the weather permits we will go over to their house to walk.

My three guys hanging out Saturday afternoon when daddy got home from work.

Hi Smiley!

Getting so good at belly time. Soon he'll be crawling.

It is hard to believe that September is almost over. We have had a nice relaxing weekend. Josh worked yesterday, so we decided not to drive back to Clear Lake for the wedding, it would have been too much in too little of time. When he got off work, we went to church. The KC Speedway is hosting a race this weekend, so there are people (cars!) everywhere. They are directly traffic all the way to the turnoff for our house, so we decided to just come home after church. Gus decided he didn't really want to sleep last night, so that was exhausting. Josh and I both got up several times with him.

Today we went for a walk, watched the Chiefs kick butt (finally!) and are getting ready to leave for Josh's flag football game tonight. It is the first one for Gus. We will be cheering daddy on very loudly tonight!

No major plans for the week, it should be just a normal one. Hopefully no surprises. The weather should be nice so hopefully we can spend a few evenings outside. Love and miss you all!

Scared and Laughing

Gus was super excited on Friday night, and mommy and daddy had so much fun making him laugh. We decided to tape it so you could enjoy it as much as we did! We really wish our real video recorder wasn't broken, we feel like we are missing out on so much... we have to get it fixed real soon :)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Gus got more shots today!

All tuckered out after shots.

The last few days have, as usual, flown by. On Monday, I had a dentist appointment and got 2 (yikes!) cavities filled. It was actually pretty painful afterward, I could hardly eat. One of them was between two teeth and pretty deep so I was told to expect pain the rest of the day. I also was given so much Novocaine that I started to get kinda tingly and sweaty and my heart starting racing a few minutes after injection. It was kind of scary, but the dentist made it sound like it just happens to some people, especially 'smaller' women. I think she gave me too much, but who knows. At least I once again fall into the 'smaller women' category :) LOL.

And today, Gus had his four month appointment, albeit a few weeks late. He weighed... drum roll please... 17 pounds and 11 ounces, for the 95%. His height was 26 1/4, or in the 90th %, and his head circumference was in the 25%. His head is apparently much smaller than his body, which is what makes him look so huge in pictures, I believe. He laughed and smiled and cooed for Dr. Jayaram, and was in good spirits. He got four shots and one oral vaccination. He screamed and I got tears in my eyes (usually daddy is there to hold him down and do the tough stuff!) but we got through it. We made sure to make the next appointment for a time when daddy can come, cause he was sad he didn't get to be there today. Gus was so good that the nurse gave him a new book to read.

We got the okay for cereal, which I had already started anyway, and should start yellow veges in a week. In a month, we should feed him 'food' twice a day. Pretty exciting. He is getting so old.

We are on the fence as far as if we are going back to CL this weekend for Josh's cousins' wedding. Josh has to work Saturday, so we would only be in CL for about 12 hours, which is about the time that we would spend in the car, so it seems kind of ridiculous. And wasteful, as far as gas is concerned. But we do miss our family and care about seeing everyone, so we have yet to make the final decision.

Well, keep checking back, I'll get more pis of the little man posted over the next couple of days. Love and miss you all~

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Camera Crazy

Grandma Dillavou got me this for the winter, and it already fits! I wore it shopping Sunday with mommy.

Daddy got me a new toy from the basement.

Splish Splash I was takin' a bath...

And it was oh so much fun that I had to laugh out loud!

A huge toothless smile... And I sure do love my puppy blanket from my friend Oliver! I always use it when I do my belly time with mommy and daddy each night :)

For some reason this weekend I chewed on my bottom lip all the time. It cracked up mommy and daddy so much!

The sun was so bright it was hard to get a good one of his eyes open.

Daddy and Gussie.

We love this one!

Gus loved his bath Saturday night. He likes to sit in the large side and no longer needs to lay down. He is getting to be such a big boy.


Can you count the flower pots?!?! I think there is one extra...

I went a little camera crazy this weekend. I hate having to take Gus to a photographer, since we take so many pics of him anyway and I can do a somewhat okay job at editing. I will probably break down when he is 6 months old, but for now, I really enjoy taking them myself.

This weekend was very productive. We rearranged our bedroom to freshen it up, and we got a few new things for the bathroom in our room; believe it or not we had never actually purchased any decor for that room before (I have been meaning to for 2 years but just hadn't gotten around to it). We went to church, ate at a local catfish fry, daddy worked Saturday and played flag football on Sunday. Gus and mommy went for a walk on Saturday morning while daddy worked. Daddy mopped up the last of the mud from the basement and put all the stuff that has been sitting in garage for the last two weeks back down to the basement.

That about wraps up our weekend. We'll be in touch soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Playing the Drums with Daddy

Funny Smiles

Say Cheese!


I am not sure what face he is making here but it is A D O R A B L E ! Look at his huge tummy hanging over his diaper! Too cute.

This reminds me of Austin Powers for some reason... Or Zoolander... :)

Mommy and Gussie posing for a picture.

Gus has started liking his saucer more and more lately (thanks Cade- and we hope you have a great birthday this weekend; and Andi too, yours was this past week...!!). He is just barely big enough for it without additional blankets propped up around him. But he does like to spin the toys on it. I plan to download a few videos either later tonight or tomorrow so you can see just how active he is getting.

What a funny little smile. Somebody looks like they are up to something...

Happy baby!

Crazy tongue moves. Gus just discovered his tongue this week. He has started making little noises with it.

Sorry I went a little overboard with the pictures. He is just so darn cute it is hard to pick out which ones to post.

This week has gone by very quickly, but wasn't nearly as hectic as the last couple, so that is good. Gus was supposed to have his 4 month check up tomorrow, Friday, but the doc is out of the office so we had to reschedule for Wednesday of next week. I will let you all know how it goes, ie, length, weight, and the dreaded shots...

We have no plans for the weekend, which is good cause next week we are back in Iowa for a wedding, so that one will be busy. Josh is back to working Saturdays starting this weekend, but hopefully won't have as long of days as he has had in the past. We need to find some time to clean out the garage, it is full of all the stuff from the basement, go to church, and finish up a few little landscaping things from the flooding incident. We should be able to find a little time to relax though, pending Gus of course. He is just not sleeping well at all lately. We are all three starting to get a little cranky from it! Daddy is putting him down right now and he is refusing to take the baba. Guess I have been nursing too often during the day again. He is so sensitive to that.

Well, check back soon for some more videos, otherwise, have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday already

Hello everyone. I can hardly believe it is Wednesday already... another week is flying by and before we know it, September will expire. We are all doing well in the Dillavou household. Gus no longer has his cold, but seems to be teething or something lately cause he drools like crazy and is more fussy than usual. He has his four month check up on Friday, so I will update again after that and post some new pictures. Have a nice rest of your week!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

More Weekend Fun

We gave Gus rice cereal for the first time tonight! He ate great and surprisingly actually got some of it in his tummy.

It was a bit messy, but he was ready. And oh so cute.

We stopped in at Lane and Rachel's (check out their blog if you like) to meet their new little baby boy, Kamden. He was such a cutie! Him and Gus are going to be good friends someday. Right now, Gus is a little bigger than him, but soon, Kamden will catch right up!

The two boys together.

Gus got to hang out with his cousin Kennedy, who was great with the little man. She is very ready to be a big sister.

She loved to read him books.

I just love this little Hawkeye jersey. Thanks Tom and Tracy.

Iowa vs. Iowa State

Brad, Jack, Josh and Tom.

Josh and Me.

Hawkeye sandwich. Scott, Mark, and Brad.

Me, Tracy and Kate.

Lisa and Jared.

It rained much of the morning, so tailgating entailed ponchos, tents and umbrellas. I may have looked silly, but I was dry.

Once the weather stopped downpouring, we all got to eat and hang out a little.

Jack, Scott and Wes.

Mark and Jen.

Scott and Amanda (and baby to be in five weeks!)

We had a very busy weekend back to Iowa for the Iowa/Iowa State game! It started off kinda scary, as the weather was super rainy and very hard to drive through. There were several car accidents that slowed and stopped traffic on our way to Iowa City. We got to see many of our friends and family and it was a lot of fun. Gus got to meet lot's of new people and spend good quality time with Grandma Sue and the Varners. Daddy and mommy had fun, but the weekend went by way too quickly. Hard to believe it is back to work for us tomorrow already.