Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hazel Luella Dillavou

Alright, so at first when Josh took this picture I was pretty angry. I was having a very very very painful contraction, probably taken about 1/2 hour before Hazel arrived. But, this is the last picture taken of me pregnant. My labor with Hazel was difficult, but not as long as it was with Gus- 11 hours (not 52 hours!) and 5 minutes of pushing (not an hour and no vacuum assistance needed this time!). I was induced around 9:15 am Tuesday with Pitocin. Although I was already two cm dilated, my cervix had raised very high (it had risen from my last appointment), so my waters could not be broken. After a few hours of pitocin, it had lowered enough to break my waters. By noon I was 5 cm dilated and at 1 pm I had an epidural. Things seemed to be moving slow, but steady. The afternoon is when this all changed. A few hours after the epidural, it started to wear off on my left side, just as it did with Gus, but waaay worse. In fact, although I have no comparison level, I dare say it did not work at all on my left side- it was the most pain I have ever felt in my life. This made it very hard for me relax, and I had to constantly focus on breathing through the contractions. I realize many women choose to deliver naturally, however, I am NOT one of those women. Needless to say, it was a long afternoon. And I had no dilation progress all afternoon either.

At 5 pm, I still had had no more progress, still only 5 cm dilated, the baby had not come down any more and I was only about 80 % effaced. The doctor came in and attached an internal contraction monitor to see if my body was responding to the pitocin anymore and if a not, a Cesarean might be necessary- as baby was not moving down on her own. It was discovered that, just like with Gus, Hazel was stuck. My pelvis must have an odd shape, which makes it difficult for the baby to figure out how to come down the birth canal. It was also discovered that Hazel was face up, rather than face down (just like with Gus), probably attributed to my odd shaped pelvis. The doctor told us to consider a Cesarean, but told me I could wait a little longer- as long as I could handle the pain.

Josh and I talked when everyone left the room and I decided to wait it out one more hour and had the nurses up my pitocin to level 28- which is outrageously high. I never went past level 22 with Gus. This made the pain nearly unbearable, and was hard on Hazel, as I had to breathe oxygen from this point on until she was delivered. I wasn't sure if I could take it anymore, or if it was safe for baby any longer. To be honest, Josh and I took a moment and prayed, I cried a little, and within 20 minutes, I had dilated to 8 cm, was 100% effaced and baby was moving down the birth canal. The power of prayer- I was no longer in need of a Cesarean! At 9 cm, due to Hazel being face up, the doc manually rotated her so that she was now face down (O U C H), how she was supposed to be. This made me dilate to 10 cm- the magic number! This had to be done with Gus too, but the difference was that I couldn't feel it with Gus- I had to look at the monitor to even see when and if I was having contractions. With Hazel, the epidural did nothing for pain by this point, and I felt it all. But- no Cesarean. Once she was rotated, I pushed for 5 minutes (just 4 contractions!)... and she was born. Welcome Hazel Luella Dillavou!

Hazel Luella Dillavou, 7 lbs 13 oz, 19 inches long, 14 cm head circumference, born at 7:39 pm.

Exhausted, but me with my little lady a few minutes after birth!

Daddy and Hazel.

One day old.

Hazel does have a few stork bites on her face, like Gus did, but they will fade away over the first year, as they did with him.

Proud Gma!

Happy big brother!

Me and my children.

This picture makes us laugh. We tried to get our first family picture and realized that this is what it will be like from now on; Josh laughing, Gus crying, me yelling, and Hazel just hanging out.

" Mommy quit taking pictures and feed me!"

Daddy and his children.

Gus and 'his' baby.

"Notice how this yellow shirt really brings out my coloring?" Yes, Hazel is jaundice just like Gus was. We have been having her blood checked daily and go back tomorrow one more time to see if her bilirubin levels have risen. If so, we may have to use phototherapy like we did with Gussie to get rid of it.

Just before discharge. Soon we'll be home!

In her homecoming outfit.

So, unfortunately, my camera (timely of course) is broken. I will buy a new one this week, but until then the blog will only have blackberry photos, which aren't as good (and will also all be on facebook). The remaining pictures I tried to play with to make them good enough to post, but they still look grainy and some look purplish. You'll have to be patient until the camera is bought (and I am able to go to the store to buy one!).

Lindsey and Brandon came down the last few days to help out! Thank you so much- we couldn't have done this with out you. Here is their youngest, Parker- 1 year, 1 month old.

Kennedy, almost 5 years old.

Hazel's first bath on Friday night.

Gus feeding his baby, just like mommy feeds hers!
We would like to say congrats to Jack and Jen- their little baby girl arrived a month early on this Wednesday. We are so happy for you all!
Also, if you could say a little prayer for my cousin Chad McCollom who was in a construction accident last week and is still unconscious and on a ventilator. In addition, grandma Shirley has also found out that her cancer is back- in her bones- so she could also use a few of your prayers.


Chet and Shannon said...

Congrats Traci..........she is beautiful!!! I hope you have a good transition going from 1 to 2, i'm sure Gus will love being a big brother!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

OK, the family picture made me laugh out loud!!! I can only imagine how many more family pictures you'll have EXACTLY like that!!! hahaha