Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stollers, Cake and Belly Pictures

"Daddy, I think this part goes over here."

"Or maybe I should just pick my nose with it."

Well, we did it. We got a double stroller. Yikes. Two little Dillavou's running around. How are we ever going to do this!

Playing outside the this past weekend. The weather sure has been nice lately.

Playing with his little bike from Gma and Gpa McCollom, a gift from his 1st birthday that he is finally old enough to start using!


My very yummy birthday cake! Thanks for a wonderful birthday Josh. You went above and beyond this year and I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Gus really liked the cake too!

Me, 38 weeks and two days. Even the doctor commented yesterday on how far out I carry. You know you are big when the doctor brings it up! I am still 1 cm dilated, but starting to get more and more effaced (very soft cervix, not thin yet though). I am measuring at 40 weeks, which is crazy because even though I only gained 1/2 a pound since last week (and none the week before), I jumped from measuring at 37 1/2 weeks to measuring at 40 weeks in just one appointment! The doctor thought it could partly be the baby's position, but she really doesn't want me to go much over my due date, since we don't want the baby to get too big for me to deliver vaginally. We are anxiously awaiting little girl's arrival and we will be sure to update you all as soon as she makes her entrance into the world!


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Awesome stroller!!! And I love Gus's little trike. It makes him look like such a stud :) Holy Cow baby girl Dillavou is abour ready I think!!! I bet it won't be long :) I got a text last night and said "Oh, I bet that's Traci....but it wasn't." I'll be waiting patiently!! GOOD LUCK :)

Jason and Jessica said...

TRACI!!! We miss you guys!!! You look EXACTLY like I did the night before I went into labor, it won't be long!!! GIRLS ARE A BLAST!!! I think I'm coming up on the 17th, so hopefully I can meet this little one!!! Make sure and text us (me) with ALL the details. YAY!!! I have some little things for your new chica... can't wait!!!

Amanda and Scott said...

Excited to hear when that baby girl decides she wants to come out! Geez, and I thought I carried Preston far out....I think you take the cake on that one! That stroller will come in very handy for the summer months.

ToTalkToReba said...

This is so exciting! Double stroller and double the kids soon! We'll be thinking of you. Please post or text as soon as she's here!! Wishing you all the best! Thanks again for the Royals shirt. We love our Omaha Royals here! - Nicole :)