Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Fun

Here are few pictures of the beautiful flowers Gus got me for my birthday (thanks daddy!) last week.

We found a another park, really close to where we live, where Gus can have fun. We went there Friday night. He was a bit young for some of the obstacles but with a little help from daddy was able to enjoy even the zip line!

After the park, having an apple as a snack.

On Saturday we (well Josh worked and I directed!) remulched, planted some flowers, and laid some grass seed. Maybe it is nesting in preparation for the little gal, but I just know we will not have time to do it once she arrives. And I want everything to look nice when company comes to visit soon.

Gus loved the water from the hose! I think he will really enjoy his sprinkler/pool this year.

This week has been a challenging one. Josh has been at a 3 day/night training since Tuesday morning, and he hopefully (if he can get out of staying at the hotel Thursday night) will be home late Thursday night. We have been crossing our fingers that baby girl doesn't decide to arrive while he is away. Luckily, it is in Kansas City, but due to the nature of the training, unless I go into labor, he really does need to stay at the hotel at night. So... he has been gone, leaving me with all the parenting duties for a few days. Which normally I would enjoy and wouldn't be a big deal if I weren't HUGE pregnant and uncomfortable. It is so difficult for me to do even the smallest things, like do the dishes (big fat belly in the way), give Gus a bath (he has just showered with me the last two nights- and he thankfully loved the change of pace!), water the lawn each night (Gus insists on running everywhere I tell him not to), etc. He has been having sleeping issues the last several weeks, and since his bed is so low, Josh has been helping him fall back asleep at night- it is just too hard for me physically. Well, I decided to have Gus sleep with me since our bed is regular height, and Gus hates it! He gets mad when he wakes up to me (several times a night) and not daddy. So that has been exhausting and neither of us has gotten much sleep.
Gus just doesn't understand that mommy can't bend down, crawl on the floor, carry him around, etc. It has been rough. And to top it all off, Gus has decided that he wants to try potty training. The last two nights he peed on the toilet, so today at daycare we started introducing him to potty training, pull ups, etc, and tonight I continued it. It is exciting, since he has initiated this whole thing (I was going to wait until June to even consider it but Gus wants to go on the potty now!) but it is a lot of work to take him to the potty every 30 minutes! I can't believe how old he is getting though. It really makes me sad that he is no longer a baby. Once he is out of diapers, he really won't be a baby anymore :(
Tomorrow I go back to the doctor. Hopefully she wants to induce me. I am trying to come up with as many excuses/reasons as I can think of- any ideas? I was very apprehensive to be induced this time, since I had such a horrible induction experience with Gus, but I am ready now- I guess it just took me reaching a new level of 'fed up with pregnancy'. I am sooo uncomfortable- my abdomen and sides hurt, my pelvis aches, my back is killing me and I am so over these constricting Braxton Hicks contractions. Oh, and several people this week- strangers mind you (thoughtless ones!) have asked me if I am having twins. Let's just say that I am ready for my little girl to join the family. I will post an update after the appointment to let you know of any news. My luck, I'll be pregnant for another 2 weeks. Yuck.

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