Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cookie Monster

Our little Guitar Hero. He loves to get into daddy's guitar (which by the way we haven't played with since I was pregnant with Gus) and pretend like he is playing it. Not very happy in this one- he didn't want me to take his picture.

This morning when daddy and I were getting ready for church, Gus snuck downstairs. I looked for him everywhere, and finally found him hiding in the entry way with the entire Tupperware of homemade chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday. Apparently he had slid his little step stool over to the counter and must have juuuuust been able to reach them. Here he is saying "No" when I told him I was going to take them away. I did break down and let him have one cookie before church- it was already halfway eaten anyway.

All smiles when I told him he could have one. Then the big decision was- which one do I pick?!?!

This week Gus has started to copy a lot of what we say or what he hears on TV. He has been saying "Oooohhh Maaaan" from Swiper on Dora all the time. He continues to be more and more vocal. He is constantly asking us, "Wat yer doin?" (What are you doing?), almost to the point of it being annoying. He loves dancing and playing with his drums. He definitely knows, points to, and says the color yellow, and we are working hard on other colors too. Tonight for supper he ate an entire huge corn dog! And was asking for "mow pease" (more please) afterward! He has been pulling his step stool up to the counters in the kitchen and taking everything out the drawers. He has been pretty adorable lately, and we continue to feel so blessed to have our little guy in our lives. Can't imagine what it will be like with two little ones in a few months!

Here Gus says "hm huh" when I ask him if they are yummy, and then he says "cookies" and then he says, "No!" He speaks kind of quiet, so I thought I'd give you a little synopsis.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gus got this monkey cup awhile ago from Gma and Gpa D, but we haven't let him use it until recently. He is starting to get to the point where we can sort of trust him drinking from it- it is more for kids than toddlers.

You can see his bottom front chompers in this one. Over the last few weeks his back molars have really started to come in. Several are all the way through- it must be so painful for him.

So the big news here is Gus's new vocabulary. He started off slow with talking, but is doing really well now. Recently, Gus loves to say 'please,' and knows what it means: To him, it means, "If I say 'please' I get what I want because it makes mommy and daddy so happy to hear me say it." So even though he is starting to learn compliance gaining strategies (yikes) and know how to use them (double yikes), I don't care. I love how cute it is. A few days ago when we were eating, Gus wanted more of something and said, "Mow a, pease mommy?" Which translates to More Please Mommy? Three totally different words, that sounded very close to what they are supposed to, and all in the right context! I was very happy. He says little two and three word combo things like, "Uh-oh, TV broke," all the time, but for some reason 'More Please Mommy' melted my heart. He is such a little boy- not a baby.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Here's a pic of the little man hiding in the bookshelf this weekend with mommy's phone... although if you ask him, he will tell you it is his by boldly saying, "Miiiiiine!" This new word, much the old favorite of "No" is getting really old, really fast. He is definitely wanting to be much more independent and do things on his own... But he was just too cute in this picture to get mad.
Things are fine here in KC. Gus had a Parents as Teachers meeting last week that went really well. It was strange to talk with our liaison about what our meetings will be like once the new baby arrives. The weekend was enjoyable. Josh had to work on Saturday, but we managed to get some good family time in. Gus was awesome at church on Sunday, which was oh so needed, as Josh and I were about to throw in the towel. He has been so bad at church the last few months. It is just impossible to keep his little body and mind calm for an hour, and he is too young for the children's service during mass. The secret we discovered: Bring him to church hungry so he just eats the whole time!
Today I had another appointment; luckily I passed my glucose test with flying colors. Everything is great, baby's heartbeat was regular and I am feeling good. I go back in 3 weeks, and then every 2 weeks after that (until the 36 week mark, when I will go every week). Still can't believe how fast this pregnancy is going.
Josh and I got new phones today, BlackBerries, so we are having fun playing around with those. I start classes back up on Wednesday, and am sooooo ready for it! This break has been painfully long. I hate to complain about having a month off, but seriously, it has felt like two.
Well, take care everyone, and we'll be in touch soon!

Gus, saying both "No" and "Mine."

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warming Up a Little

Here is a photo of me last week, at 25 weeks pregnant.

Gus coloring on the table top from his little car track. It is nice because it is the perfect height for him to color on.

Gus is getting much better at and more interested in scribbling and using stickers. We have been trying for months and although he still taste tests most crayons first, he is becoming more interested in art part too :)

And now it's a car track!

This weekend Gus was really into his baby doll. Dressing him, undressing him, putting diapers on him, wrapping him up with blankets and carrying him around. Very cute, and makes me excited for his reaction to the new baby in a couple of months.

Gus tonight, right before I blogged :)

Gus had his 2nd H1N1 shot this morning. He seems to be feeling fine and Sandie said he was great at daycare today, so, so far so good. Tomorrow night we have another Parents as Teachers meeting and then next Monday I go back to the doctor, so soon I should have some more interesting information to blog about
Good news, the weather seems to be warming up!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Video

I am having a hard time posting videos on here the last few days, so I posted a cute one of Gus in my facebook account. It is one of him getting really excited during the Orange Bowl the other night. Check it out if interested!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Slow Week

Gus playing with his new car (he calls it 'truck') table. He loves it!

Lately Gus loves to sit just like us on the couch. Such a little copy cat. The other night he went over to the end of the couch, grabbed this red pillow, then brought it back over to where he was sitting on the other side of the couch. He pulled the covers over himself, put his hands behind his head, and started watching TV with us. Too adorable.

Enough of this, you guys stop laughing at me!

This week has been pretty slow for us. Josh is back to a full work week, but things don't really start getting busy for him until next week. I go back to work in a week and a half, so will start getting ready for that later this week and next. Yesterday and today I had jury duty, but it ended at noon today, so I am thankful I don't have to go all week. It is so boring! I have had a sore throat this past week, but got some medicine for it at my appointment last week. Hopefully it starts working soon- I am pretty miserable. My appointment went well other than that. Baby girl is doing good- I just can't believe how fast this all is going! I will try to get another belly pic up- it is time for my 24 week post (even though I am 25 weeks now). I am just having a hard time keeping up with this pregnancy! My next appointment, in a few weeks, is when I have to drink that gross sugary syrup and have a blood test to check for blood sugar elevations. I'll let you all know how it goes. After that, I think I start going in every two weeks for appointments.
Everyone stay warm! It is cold cold cold outside.