Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Warming Up a Little

Here is a photo of me last week, at 25 weeks pregnant.

Gus coloring on the table top from his little car track. It is nice because it is the perfect height for him to color on.

Gus is getting much better at and more interested in scribbling and using stickers. We have been trying for months and although he still taste tests most crayons first, he is becoming more interested in art part too :)

And now it's a car track!

This weekend Gus was really into his baby doll. Dressing him, undressing him, putting diapers on him, wrapping him up with blankets and carrying him around. Very cute, and makes me excited for his reaction to the new baby in a couple of months.

Gus tonight, right before I blogged :)

Gus had his 2nd H1N1 shot this morning. He seems to be feeling fine and Sandie said he was great at daycare today, so, so far so good. Tomorrow night we have another Parents as Teachers meeting and then next Monday I go back to the doctor, so soon I should have some more interesting information to blog about
Good news, the weather seems to be warming up!

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The Varner's Blog said...

You look amazing!!! So beautiful!!!
Talk to you soon!!! Thanks for the update!