Sunday, January 24, 2010


Gus got this monkey cup awhile ago from Gma and Gpa D, but we haven't let him use it until recently. He is starting to get to the point where we can sort of trust him drinking from it- it is more for kids than toddlers.

You can see his bottom front chompers in this one. Over the last few weeks his back molars have really started to come in. Several are all the way through- it must be so painful for him.

So the big news here is Gus's new vocabulary. He started off slow with talking, but is doing really well now. Recently, Gus loves to say 'please,' and knows what it means: To him, it means, "If I say 'please' I get what I want because it makes mommy and daddy so happy to hear me say it." So even though he is starting to learn compliance gaining strategies (yikes) and know how to use them (double yikes), I don't care. I love how cute it is. A few days ago when we were eating, Gus wanted more of something and said, "Mow a, pease mommy?" Which translates to More Please Mommy? Three totally different words, that sounded very close to what they are supposed to, and all in the right context! I was very happy. He says little two and three word combo things like, "Uh-oh, TV broke," all the time, but for some reason 'More Please Mommy' melted my heart. He is such a little boy- not a baby.


ToTalkToReba said...

So happy to hear Gus talking!! It's awesome. Oli has about 10 words and we are pleased, hoping to really break through one of these days!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

Yay Gus Man!!! Just think, it won't be long and he'll be telling that new baby girl all sorts of stories!!! :)

Amanda and Scott said...

It is so amazing to hear them say words and figure out things. Before long you will have 2 amazing little people! We are hoping Preston catches on to the talking thing soon :)
Hope you guys are doing well!!