Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cookie Monster

Our little Guitar Hero. He loves to get into daddy's guitar (which by the way we haven't played with since I was pregnant with Gus) and pretend like he is playing it. Not very happy in this one- he didn't want me to take his picture.

This morning when daddy and I were getting ready for church, Gus snuck downstairs. I looked for him everywhere, and finally found him hiding in the entry way with the entire Tupperware of homemade chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday. Apparently he had slid his little step stool over to the counter and must have juuuuust been able to reach them. Here he is saying "No" when I told him I was going to take them away. I did break down and let him have one cookie before church- it was already halfway eaten anyway.

All smiles when I told him he could have one. Then the big decision was- which one do I pick?!?!

This week Gus has started to copy a lot of what we say or what he hears on TV. He has been saying "Oooohhh Maaaan" from Swiper on Dora all the time. He continues to be more and more vocal. He is constantly asking us, "Wat yer doin?" (What are you doing?), almost to the point of it being annoying. He loves dancing and playing with his drums. He definitely knows, points to, and says the color yellow, and we are working hard on other colors too. Tonight for supper he ate an entire huge corn dog! And was asking for "mow pease" (more please) afterward! He has been pulling his step stool up to the counters in the kitchen and taking everything out the drawers. He has been pretty adorable lately, and we continue to feel so blessed to have our little guy in our lives. Can't imagine what it will be like with two little ones in a few months!

Here Gus says "hm huh" when I ask him if they are yummy, and then he says "cookies" and then he says, "No!" He speaks kind of quiet, so I thought I'd give you a little synopsis.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

haha - that's adorable :) Sneaky little Gus!!!!

The Smith Family said...

Nicholas loves to drag anything he can stand on over to the counters. He's even been known to drag his barn into the kitchen to see what he can get into. What these adorable little boys won't think of.

ToTalkToReba said...

I love your stories... Oli does the same thing. Now, nothing can be on the counters b/c he'll get to it. No candles, no snacks! Nothing!!!