Monday, February 8, 2010

Busy Weekend

Gus and daddy playing a dangerous, but fun, game on the recliner in the basement.

On Saturday morning I took Gus to Monkey Bizness, an indoor entertainment play area for kids of all ages. While we were waiting for my friend Amy and her two kids to join us, we walked around the pet store in the mall. Gus loved the fish- and the tanks were low so he could easily see inside them.

Although I forgot to take pictures of Monkey Bizness, we did get some of the kids at Applebees afterward.

Kaylyn and Gus going in for a hug.

Caleb (9 mo), Kaylyn (2 1/2 yr) and Gus (21 mo).

A very happy Caleb.

On Sunday morning, Josh and I took Gus to the YMCA to swim and play basketball. To our surprise, and enjoyment, Gus did really well in the water! We are trying to get him ready for when his cousins all come down in a month to go to an indoor water park here in KC.

Eating lunch on Sunday.

Silly daddy!

On Sunday night we went to a 2nd birthday party/Superbowl party. A friend of Josh's, Wes, has a little boy a few months older than Gus who turned two. Here the boys are playing together. They had so much fun! Ironically, Bri, Wes's wife, is having a baby one week after we are, so our kids will all be about the same age.

This weekend Josh and I had the realization that we are having a baby in a few months. Yes, I know- you would think that it would be obvious... We have done NOTHING to get ready for this little gal joining our family in April. So, we have officially gone into getting-ready-for-baby mode. After much contemplation, we decided to move Gus into the spare room. This afternoon, we moved all of his stuff, so that we can start to get the nursery ready. We will still have Gus sleep in his crib for awhile, but soon he will move into a full bed, mattresses on the floor so it isn't too scary for him (or us!).

Checking out his new room.

In the nursery (his old room)- confused and wondering what happened to all his stuff!


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

I can't believe you're due already in a couple months!!! I guess it's true that the 2nd one seems to come faster than the 1st!! Gus looks so cute in his swimwear :) I'm excited to see what he thinks of his little sister when she arrives!!

The Thomsons said...

I am amazed at how fast the new baby is approaching! It goes so fast! Gus is adorable. Love the pics in the pool. We are headed to KC next month to visit the Cocokey park at a hotel. Much cheaper I heard than Great Wolf Lodge though we love that one too!

Let us know if you have a secret place that is even better!