Friday, February 26, 2010

32 Week Doctor Appointment

Yesterday afternoon I went to my 32 week appointment. Everything looks great thus far. Baby girl is growing and has a strong heartbeat. No concerns at this point. I, personally, am not feeling as well as I had been over the last few months, but that comes with nearing the end of the pregnancy. I am just getting more and more uncomfortable, starting to swell a little, not sleeping well, feeling lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, and just feel exhausted all the time. But, I am very excited for this precious little gift that will be arriving in 7 weeks. She will be worth all the discomfort. Last night Josh and I could feel her little hand or foot trying to poke out of my tummy, it was so neat. We would push in on her little limb and she would push back. Amazing that we can now both experience her movements so intimately.


ToTalkToReba said...

You are so right. She'll be worth it! Can you believe you are doing to do this all again? I am so happy for you and just wishing the very best for you! Getting closer!!!!!

Hayes Family said...

I'm glad everything is going good! Hope the next few weeks go fast for you.