Thursday, March 4, 2010

So I Lied...

Having a snack this week one night before supper.

Gus has been really into his baby doll lately, or any other doll he can use as a baby. He likes to pretend to wipe and change his dolls. It is pretty cute.

Gus playing in the living room the other night. He is totally into this cheesy, posed smile whenever he sees me grab the camera. Such a ham! He is wearing a new outfit from his daycare provider, Sandie, who saw a bunch of clothes on sale and picked some up for Gus. Thanks- you are so thoughtful! Gus continues to love Sandie's house, and has a lot of fun there.

Tonight after daycare, mommy and Gus colored some pictures before supper.

A few posts ago I wrote that I had made my last trip to Iowa... So I lied... Last weekend we ventured to Des Moines to visit a friend and attend her 30th Birthday Party. Since all of Josh's high school friends were going to be there, we also had to go. That REALLY was my last trip back to Iowa though before baby comes- as I am almost 34 weeks, and 37 weeks is considered full term.

While we were at the party our friend Rachel Smith watched Gus for us, which was SO KIND of her- especially since she has a little guy about the same age as Gus! Boy did she have her hands full- I would have loved to be a fly on her wall... If you want to check out pictures of her son Kamden and Gus, check out her blog.

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ToTalkToReba said...

Love the videos. Gus is so bright! :) He's just adorable. How are you feeling?