Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet 16 Baby!

Josilin and Gus.

Avery and Kacy.

Kacy, Brea and Gus.

Cade and Avery.

Gus, Rian, Andi, Kacy, Avery and Cade.

Gus riding a little submarine in the hotel arcade.

Grandma at her birthday meal with all her grand kids.

Daddy and Gus at Coco Key Water Resort this week. Gus was a little fish! He loved the water so much- which was kind of a shock, as swimming lessons didn't go as well as we had wanted this past winter.

Gus going down the slides with daddy. He even went down two times by himself!

Running through the water!

Shae and Gus.

Gus and Ty.

Cade and Andi.

Shae, Avery and Rian at Dave and Busters arcade.

Gus loved winning tickets!

St. Patricks Day at Kelly's at Westport.

Pat, Paulette and a leprechaun.

Gus in his green.

And, how can I post tonight without mentioning... UNI is in the Sweet 16! AND they got there by beating out KU! Can't wait to see what my students say this week, as many of them are also KU students and live in Lawrence. Watching the game about made me go into labor! Go Panthers Go!


Hayes Family said...

We wondered how long it would take you to mention that! Booooo!

ToTalkToReba said...

Great pics and I agree with you, Sweet 16 Baby!!!! That was just awesome