Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

And he's Two! Parker's Toy Story cake is all Gus can talk about it. He wants a Buzz Lightyear cake for his birthday in a few months now.

Parker's party was at Pizza Ranch and Hazel loved the pizza and 'cactus bread.'

Parker was pretty excited about his cake too!

"Here mommy- put it in your own mouth!"

Kennedy is getting so old.

I let Hazel have cake but I cut the frosting off first. This ended up being a great decision after I saw the mess the boys made with the very colorful frosting!

Brandon being tackled by a sea of children.

Back home in KC, talking to mommy.

Daddy and Gus reading a book one night this week, settling down for the night.

My lil' girlie earlier tonight- standing and walking. She is just too old! Hard to believe she'll be one in about three weeks.

Monday, March 21, 2011

American Girl

Soon Hazel will be old enough to enjoy American Girl!

Andi had a hard time choosing which 'girl' she wanted. Finally, after some tears and a constalation poster of the Hawaiian doll, she was persuaded to get the doll that looked like her. A decision she was very excited about when she got back to our house and took her out of the box. Almost love at first sight.

Gus was the hit of the store. All the workers would come up to him and George (the name he gave his bitty baby) and ask about George. Gus was the only little boy carrying his doll around, but he had just as much fun as all the little girls doing the same! We got a potty for George, an underware set (Thanks Gma Paulette!), and a snack set for his little dude.

Kacy, Lexi, George and Gus.

St. Patricks Day in KC

We went to an Irish pub in Leawood last Thursday afternoon with Pat and Paulette and drank a few green beers and had nachos with green chips. Very festive!

These pictures were from a local organization that had a free photographer snapping photos of bar patrons.

Although they didn't have any green beer, they still dressed in their Irish green. Thanks Gma and Papa Mc for the cool T-shirts!

Our little leprechaun.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Bed for Gus!

Hazel has been scaring us so much with her new found love for climbing up the stairs. She's not exactly sure how to get back down, but up she has mastered.

Gus antagonizes her by tempting and teasing Hazel until she crawls up after him. Then he runs down the stairs once she is at top, knowing that she is stuck because she can't crawl down yet. Then she cries for help and I go up and get her and carry her down. Then the entire process starts over... and we do this little game several times over and over until mommy has had enough. Gus is such a naughty little stinker sometimes!

Just hanging out on the steps. No worries mom.

My pretty girl.

Chin ups.

Our neighbor was selling her grandson's old bunk bed so we bought it for a great price. We put it up tonight and Monkey Gus was very brave- too brave. I hope we don't regret this decision!

Figuring out the ladder.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Back to Normal

After a long week of sickness, a smile. And an appetite!

New (to her) carseat!

"Thanks big brother- I had just grown too big for my baby one."

Now HE is in a new car seat. Big boy booster!

Girls night in Des Moines with Lindsey and Kate a few weeks ago. It was so nice to go out with my best friends. Muuuuuuch needed.

Feed me!

Maybe I'll be a baton twirler like my Gma Sue!

Cruisin along the fridge.

Obsessed with miniature things. This is the game piece to Trivia Pursuit (his mini pizza).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does the sickness ever end?!?!

Well, Hazel is finally better. I am on the mend (thinking I may have an ear infection- or two- but letting it heal on it's own if I can before I go to the doctor) for the most part. Josh, though, has been crazy sick this week with the flu- he was hit hard. He is on day 3 of being really sick. Really sick. Gus is a little sick with a runny nose, some flu symptoms... he seems to be okay, no temp. But tons of runny noses! ...So the sicknesses are making their rounds among us...

Josh and I are both hectic busy with work this week so it has been difficult balancing this all. But, we're getting it all done. As we always do :) But... Good news: It almost the weekend... Although Josh works all day every, day this weekend, and I am really really behind on grading and other professional things, so I am unsure it will really be much of a weekend. No relaxing.

If we can get through this and next week though, then we are going to Las Vegas for a little mommy-daddy vaca that is WELL deserved. And MUCH needed for us both. I suppose I can begin the countdown: 10 days to Vegas!!!!

Still no time to update with pics, but I have sent a few to Facebook lately, so if you really want to see more pics of my adorable babies, you'll have to check them out on there.

Love and miss you all!