Monday, March 21, 2011

American Girl

Soon Hazel will be old enough to enjoy American Girl!

Andi had a hard time choosing which 'girl' she wanted. Finally, after some tears and a constalation poster of the Hawaiian doll, she was persuaded to get the doll that looked like her. A decision she was very excited about when she got back to our house and took her out of the box. Almost love at first sight.

Gus was the hit of the store. All the workers would come up to him and George (the name he gave his bitty baby) and ask about George. Gus was the only little boy carrying his doll around, but he had just as much fun as all the little girls doing the same! We got a potty for George, an underware set (Thanks Gma Paulette!), and a snack set for his little dude.

Kacy, Lexi, George and Gus.

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The Varner's Blog said...

Wow I remember having the same conversation with Kennedy!! She wanted the Asian Bitty Twin instead of the American Girl that looked like her! lol Needless to say "mom" can be pretty convincing! Love the pics of kids and Gus carrying "George" around the store- so cute!