Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Parker!

And he's Two! Parker's Toy Story cake is all Gus can talk about it. He wants a Buzz Lightyear cake for his birthday in a few months now.

Parker's party was at Pizza Ranch and Hazel loved the pizza and 'cactus bread.'

Parker was pretty excited about his cake too!

"Here mommy- put it in your own mouth!"

Kennedy is getting so old.

I let Hazel have cake but I cut the frosting off first. This ended up being a great decision after I saw the mess the boys made with the very colorful frosting!

Brandon being tackled by a sea of children.

Back home in KC, talking to mommy.

Daddy and Gus reading a book one night this week, settling down for the night.

My lil' girlie earlier tonight- standing and walking. She is just too old! Hard to believe she'll be one in about three weeks.


Lane & Rachel Smith said...

WHAT?!?!?! She's going to be ONE already?? Holy smokes. Time goes by too fast!! Parker's cake is pretty awesome - I can see where Gus would want one!!

Anonymous said...

sounds like its time for another one if she is going to be 1 already.

The Dillavou Family said...

Whoa whoa whoa... who is going to anonymously say that!?!?!?! Own up to it! And we would love to have another one- and will... In a few more years ;)