Tuesday, April 5, 2011

One Runner, One Walker

I've learned that it is impossible to get a good picture of everyone looking at the camera, so I have stopped trying. Lately I just go with what I can get from them!

We took the kids to Legends shopping center near our home on Saturday. It was such a beautiful afternoon and evening.
Gus ran around everywhere! Evidence that he has been cooped up too long this winter.

More running.

Hazel is standing and walking more and more each day. Today when I picked her up from daycare, she walked about 15 steps to meet me at the door. I'm so sad she is getting so old. It's exciting to have her walk so soon (11 months) as Gus was a bit older when he finally got the hang of it (14 months), but where did my little baby go? At least with her lack of hair she'll LOOK like a baby longer :)


Cuddling close to daddy when the scary dinosaur noises started at T-Rex restaurant on Saturday night.

" That was a fun trip shopping mommy but I'm ready to go back home."

Riding back home from church on Sunday.

Must have been a great sermon, it just wiped Hazel out completely!

Back at home playing with her toys.

Gus apparently really mad about something; he's probably yelling at me to stop taking his picture.

And it's in! No longer challenged by the bean bag board, Gus goes right for the basketball hoop.

Hazel is literally addicted to daddy. If he is around, she has to be near, if not held, by him. She loved being tossed up in the air Sunday evening when we cleaned out the garage. The temperature got to about 92 on Sunday (a KC record) and it was a good opportunity to clean out the garage a little bit.

Typical supper, earlier tonight.

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