Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 Balloons

I had a big birthday this week. This is what 30 balloons floating around the kitchen look like.

Thanks for the great gifts! Gus picked out the chipmunk card and the mean green dinosaur for me.
Hazel loved the balloons too.

Gus had fun with them as well.

" I'm so thirsty!"

Give them a toy, and all they want is the box it came in.


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday! 30's have been good to me so far, hope they are to you too. Hazel reminds me so much of Katelin when she was a baby and my little Evan is crazy about balloons too, it' too cute! Your kids are adorable!

Lane & Rachel Smith said...

The picture of Hazel chugging her sippy cup cracks me up!!! Especially the super drooly shirt!!! hahahahaha Looks like Mommy when she's been drinkin' HEHEHE