Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of Summer

One night last week daddy and Gus went to run errands so I gave Miss Hazel a bath all by herself (without Hurricane Gus to bother her!). She had so much fun.

Last weekend we took the kids swimming. Here is my little scuba diver.

Gus had a blast continuously squirting us all with water.

Gus eating an enormous sundae!

Hazel eating cheeseburger macaroni- and although she loved it, she was a mess!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Baseball, Baseball, Baseball

My friend Lindsey, a fellow JCCC teacher, stopped by yesterday with her 9 month old son Chaz. He is such a cutie!

Pat and Paulette at game #2 of the Royals vs. Yanks. We all went to the game on Monday night, just us adults went to the game on Tuesday night, and Josh ended up going with Brandon to the game on Wednesday night! Josh went to three Yankees games in a row this week!

Playing outside in the yard.

Eating a pickle (toy pickle that is) during our 'picnic.'

Hazel enjoyed running around the picnic blanket, not really taking part in the picnic itself.

Gus feeding the babies at our picnic. As you can see, it wasn't a picnic with real food, just pretend.

Playing in the 'green room' as Gus calls it.

Somebody snuck into Gus's yogurt this week...

At least she attempted to use a spoon.

Although Gus didn't get to talk to him, Slugger came really close to us. Gus SCREAMED to slugger for about 2 minutes straight to come over to us. The people around us, thankfully, were laughing at how crazy Gus was going on, and weren't mad at my loudly, frantically, screaming little boy.

Yummy hotdog! Thanks grandma and papa!

The warm up for the big bite...

Gus loves the kids area, and always enjoys riding the Merry Go Round.

Hazel got to ride it for the first time too!

And the big event of the night was Gus getting to hit in the Little K! Usually the line is soooo long, and he is really little for it (since they pitch to you) but he did so good! I was really proud of him. He was about 1/2 the size of the other kids, no joke, and he hit 2 of the 4 balls that were pitched to him! He had the whole crowd in the area watching, and they would cheer when tiny little Gus hit the balls. I seriously had a major proud mama moment. Tears!

So excited!

We still don't have to buy a seat for Hazel, her and Gus fit nicely in one together!

Hazel was such a flirt! She kept engaging the people sitting behind us.

Go Royals!

As far as news with us, things are starting to get busier. The kids go back to daycare full time next week, as my classes start up tomorrow and then full time next week. I am teaching online for the first time and figuring that whole thing out has been crazy, but a good experience so far. The class went 'live' today so we'll see how it goes as students contact me over the next few days.

Baby in my belly is good as far as I can tell. I made an official posting about the pregnancy on Facebook last night, so I guess the news is out. My belly button actually popped already- and I'm only 16-17 weeks along, so I have a feeling I am going to get massive this time... I am feeling baby move more and more, which is exciting. I go back to the doctor next week for my monthly check up. I would guess we will schedule the ultrasound soon to make sure baby is growing on schedule. Remember though, we are not finding out the sex this time and honestly, I am wonderful with that decision and not teetering at all. I think finding out when the little guy or gal arrives will be an amazing feeling, and also give us something special to experience with this one, since we already have a boy and a girl.

Well, love and miss you all. Talk to you soon. Hopefully we'll get to see some of you in a few weeks over Labor Day weekend.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Much Appreciated Quiet Week

I'm so thirsty!

Stopping to see if I am paying attention to her roll-on-the-ground tantrum.

I love splashing!

"Quit splashing me little girlie!"

Hazel does this adorable little face when she is sad or bothered. It is kind of like a fake cry/sniffle. She wanted Gus to stop putting bubbles on her.

Look at all these bubbles!

Outside play time.

Feeding Chilla (Chinchilla) some crab apples.

Will someone play ball with me?

Break dancing on the floor.

Run, there's an alligator in the house!

Exhausted after swimming this week.