Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yes We Are Alive...

Play dough time!


Hazel preferred to taste-test the play dough rather than form it.

Parker was more interested in the play dough toys than the play dough itself.

Last week we colored some pictures. Hazel did really well!

My monkey (that was jumping on the bed, made mama call the Dr, the Dr said...).

My pretty girlie.

So it has been a long time. We are still alive and kicking. Probably the longest break between posts I've ever had! We have had so much go on these past two weeks that it is hard to remember where to start updating you. I almost feel like I should make a bulleted list (the teacher in me) than try to write this all in paragraph form. Well, the Friday after we moved for two full days and were completely exhausted, Gus decided to jump on the bed that night and sprain his wrist. However, it is hard to differentiate between a sprain and a break in a 3 year old, so after 5 hours at the ER, two rounds of x-rays, and no answers, the Dr decided to treat it like a break (we weren't even sure if it was his wrist or elbow at that point) with a full arm soft cast for 3 days. After a follow up on that Monday with his pediatrician we determined it was a bad sprain. He is doing much better now and is no longer wearing the wrap on his wrist. But, that was fun, haha.

On that Saturday, the dryer broke, so we had to buy a new one. That was fun too, haha. Just seemed like one thing after another for awhile...

In the midst of it all, Brandon and Lindsey announced something surprising! Finally, the good news! No not another baby (only Josh and I like to shock you with news that hardcore). But, Brandon took a transfer to Kansas City so they will be moving down to our town in a few weeks! Yay! So excited to have them closer. They were down this past weekend to secure a rental house. They will be moving about 30 minutes from us, so we are very very very very excited to have family in KC again! We haven't had family here since we started popping out babies so I can't imagine how helpful that will be- for both us and them. Say a few prayers for them for a safe and easy transition to KC.

As far as new little peanut baby and me, we are about 15 weeks along. I did recently find out that I have the same blood clotting condition my mom has (which is why she has had blood clots in her legs and most recently the embolisms that shot into her lungs a few months ago) and pregnancy aggravates it. Lucky me. Apparently I have been extremely fortunate that my last two pregnancies were so healthy, according to my Dr. I will have to take it easy and be a little more cautious with my life in the future. For example, NOT that we wanted anymore, but I really shouldn't have any more kids; too risky to have kids after 30 with this condition (called Factor 5). But mom is doing much better so that gives me hope that even if the worst happens to me down the road, like unfortunately my mom has experienced, I can overcome. I go back to doctor for a baby check up in a few weeks. Right now no worries, I am fine. Baby is fine. But we do have to be a little more cautious this time, ya know, since I am 30 years young now. :)

Fall classes start the week after next, and I was fortunate enough to get several this semester (albeit last minute- they always make me sweat), so I am happy to get back to work. I think we decided that I will only work minimal, a few online, evening and/or early morning classes starting in the spring so that we don't have to do daycare. Three kiddos in daycare would be just ridiculous financially for us. However, this decision isn't set in stone. I need to talk to my schools over the next month or two and see what my options are. If I do end up staying home with them, it will be fine. But when Gus goes to kindergarten in a few years, I'll be able to work full time again. I am looking forward to potentially being able to spend more time with the kids, but am a little worried I will lose my mind taking care of 3 kids, aged 3 and under full time. We will figure it out.

Well, that is us right now. We are busy, but this week has slowed down. Thank goodness. I need some silence and peace! Talk soon :) Love and miss you all.

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