Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chiefs Chiefs Chiefs!

Tailgating before Sunday's game.

Gus had sooo much fun! He was a bit timid at first, but was back to his usual crazy self by halftime. I don't know if he has ever been around so many unfamiliar people before.

Loved the peanuts!

And of course Mean Guy had to come to the game with us.

His little souvenir.

We weren't close, but we were on the 50 yard line, so it was easy to see everything going on. And the tickets were free, so it was hard to complain.

On our way back to the car after the game, Gus fell asleep in daddy's arms. It was cute. Here he is startled by a loud noise as we were walking- he was a little out of it.

Hazel didn't go to the game (thank you Larry and Jill for watching her for us!) but we dressed her up in Chiefs gear anyway.

At first glance, great picture of the kids and I right?!? Well, look closer. Hazel started spitting up mid-picture, and of course, it landed all over me. Something I have become quite accustomed to over the last 2 years :) Puke, pee, poop, boogers, you name it, I'm a pro.

Gus loves to make Hazel laugh. He will sit in her bouncy chair, right next to her in her excersaucer, and just talk to her and play with her. She LOVES it!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Pretty Princess

"I'm such a Pretty Princess."

"Could I be any sweeter?"

"Oh mommy. You are just hilarious!"

"Can I tell you a story?"

(Yes my mommy is a bit addicted to taking pictures of me. She doesn't have the heart to erase or not blog some of them. OMG. She is so embarrassing.)

"Take a picture of me too mommy!"

"Grrrrr. I hate belly time."

"But hey there's my hand. I love eating my hand. Maybe belly time isn't so bad."

"(Y)ou can do it (H)azel! (Y)ou can do it! Roll ovah (H)azel!"

"Sorry Gus. I can't do it. I'm still a bit too chubby to be able to. But thanks for the encouragement big brother!"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye Summer

Sorry these first three pictures are blurry, I took them on my Blackberry over the last few days. Here is a picture I mentioned in an earlier post- Jett and Hazel together on Saturday night. Jett is about 6 weeks older than Haz.

On that same day, Gus and Haz had fun playing together right before nap time. I really enjoy watching them sleep in my big bed during nap. Cuddling with them during nap was one of my favorite things to do this summer when I was home with both of them, and I miss it very much.

My super cute smiler!

Rice cereal has been going much better this week with Hazel. I would like to try green vegetables next week. I am still partially in shock by how old she is getting so quickly. This week for some reason it is hitting me hard. Her being able to sit nearly alone. Her gobbling down her cereal. Her laughs and constant attempts at vocalizing. Her recognizing Gus, Josh and I and turning toward us when we speak her name. Where did my little baby go? I definitely can't imagine being done having children. I know that we don't want any more kids right now, and who knows if I'll change my mind later once we have children and not infants/toddlers, but I can't imagine closing this chapter of our lives. Hazel is just growing so fast- I feel like I'm missing something every day that I leave her to go to work. I really hope we decide to have another little baby later on. I really love being a mommy.

Look at that messy face!

Later we went to the park. Before we know it it will be too cold to go to the park, as summer ends and fall begins, winter will be quickly approaching.

I pulled both the kiddos in the wagon and they had fun. Gus straddled Hazel and hugged her the whole way there; he is such a good big brother.

Gus loves the playground equipment. There isn't a lot of it, but what is there is all safe for his age and ability.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Peace Out

Hazel is vocally getting louder and louder. It is so much fun to listen to her practice using her new found voice. I wasn't sure if I should call this post 'peace out' or 'peek-a-boo.' She plays peek-a-boo a few times in the video, and also throws out the peace out hand signal at the end... adorable either way :)

Nice Weekend Home

Haz has had a bit of hard weekend. I hesitate to say that she is teething (I said this for like 8 months before Gus got any teeth) but she has been much more irritable than usual. You couldn't tell by this picture though! She still had her adorable moments and gave us plenty of laughs to go with the frowns. Hard to believe that she turns 5 months old tomorrow!

She is starting to sit up on her own. She still needs some propping once in awhile, but overall, she seems to be progressing right on track for her age.

She'll hate me someday for posting these pictures, but I just can't resist. She is so much fun!

Look at that chubbiness!

Gus and his crazy hair after his bath tonight.

We had a nice weekend. Josh worked his first Saturday this weekend- he's back to 6 days a week for the next several months. But, I enjoyed spending time with the kids here at home on Saturday. Last night we went over the the Hayes home and ate pizza while we watched some football (sigh, Hawkeyes). I put some pics from my phone of Hazel and Jett (who is about 6 weeks older than Haz) on Facebook if you're interested. We tried rice cereal again today with Hazel and she finally took to it. She did great! She gobbled it up and really truly swallowed it all this time. I am going to start giving her cereal one time a day this week and if it goes well, will try some green vegetables next week.
Today Josh and I cleaned the house- we even shampooed the carpets! Our home had been neglected for several weeks so it feels good to have that caught back up. Nothing special planned for the week, but I'll try to post again soon. I am having a hard time keeping my posts as regular as I used to, but will hopefully get back into the swing of things (ya know, 2 young kids, teaching 8 classes, Josh working at 3 centers) and will start to feel like we have a routine.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Clogs, Hawks and Baptisms

This homemade apple pie seems innocent enough, right? Yummy, gooey, Cinnamon goodness, right? Guess again. This little pie, and another, clogged my kitchen sink when the disposal couldn't break down the apple peelings created in making it. Would you spend $108 on this pie? I did- in plumbing.

Already a Hawkeye cheerleader.

Beat State! After three years of having babies and nursing, I finally got to enjoy a Hawkeye game! We didn't tailgate- two little ones make the experience, well, different- but Josh and I did make it to the game.

Nick had great seats, he even had some empty ones next to him, so at halftime we went down and sat in them.

At Parker and Kenny's baptism on Sunday.

Hazel was pretty adorable.

I was Parker and Kennedy's Godmother, and Josh was Parker's Godfather. Uncle Nick was Kennedy's Godfather. It was a nice ceremony- very interactive. They attend a nontraditional Catholic church (is that an oxymoron?), which was a fun change of pace. However, Gus didn't do too well with less structure (no pews to block him in, etc), but it was interesting.

The McCollom family.

Pretty in pink.

Keenan (Brandon's brother Lance's son) and Gus. On a broken picnic table.

Steph, Lance's wife (Brandon's sister and law) cuddling with Hazel. These two were buddies all weekend... I think they are ready for another baby. A little girl would be the perfect addition to their family.

Gus's favorite landmark between the Kansas and Iowa drive. Gus was sleeping when we drove by "Big Cowboy" so I took a picture of it for him.